Three Right Ways To Build Backlinks


Link building has always been a controversial topic in the digital marketing space. The purists have always believed that link building is a wrong practice. They believe that backlinks are important, but actively working for the sole purpose of increasing backlinks is considered a waste of time.

On the other hand, there are loads of digital marketers known solely for their prowess at link building. Like it or not, backlinks play a huge role in getting high SERPs.

A big reason why the purists do not like link building is its single-minded approach to creating backlinks. Investing too much time in link building means there is less time to spend on writing better content for the audience. If the content is not the focus, its quality will drop, and audiences will eventually move on.

This is why search engines like Google have always tried to improve their content evaluation techniques. The digital experience would never have been successful if the content experience would have been lacking.

The real problem with link building is the sheer number of methods that are actually not relevant to the website to which the links eventually comes.

Techniques such as directory posting, classified posting, bookmarking, search engine submission, and low-quality article submission have caused the creation of many low-quality backlinks. These backlinks, though legitimate, are not exactly created based on positive digital marketing practices.

A backlink was envisioned as being a consequence of writing good content and not the goal itself. In this article, we discuss three important and ethical ways to build relevant backlinks.

Guest Posting

Probably the best link-building technique out there, guest posting involves posting blog posts on other websites in a similar niche.

A big reason why guest posting is valued higher than other techniques is that it involves the use of quality content to get a backlink in the first place. Unlike techniques like directory submission and social bookmarking which are based purely on creating backlinks and not providing a smooth content experience, guest posting is a content-first technique. All parties benefit in guest posting. The author gets a backlink and chance to attract a new audience, publishers get to offer their readers a different style of content, and the readers get to hear a new voice.

Claiming Links

As a brand, your business is likely to be mentioned a number of times on different blogs. With a little digging, all these mentions can be turned into backlinks.

By tracking brand mentions through tools like Ahrefs, marketers can check the number of times and webpages on which their brand name is being linked. The next step is contacting authors and website runners of these webpages and ask them for a backlink. While some websites may refuse, most will accept as they want their content to be as informative and useful for readers.

Report on Events

This is an important link building technique not used by many bloggers and digital marketers. Whatever niche a website belongs to, there are always certain events to report. By writing cold emails to news-worthy sources and reporting, marketers stand the chance to get better backlinks. Content derived from recent events is unique and likely to get greater traffic.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways to build backlinks in an ethical manner. If one wishes to build backlinks, following the aforementioned techniques is advisable.

About the Author – Kanika Soni is a highly-regarded digital marketer with many years of experience in the field. He currently writes for Eduburg, known as best digital marketing institute in Delhi.


Founder/ Director of LTR Magazine - Tech Blog For Reviews.

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