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The most common problem seen in tile roofing is grime and dust. The best way to keep them away from your home is by doing regular cleaning with a good, strong vacuum cleaner. This will help you get rid of the dirt that accumulates on the surface as well as the debris that can be kicked up during roof cleaning. If there’s no such device at your disposal, you can try using a broom or garden rake. However, for really tough dirt, you may need the help of a professional roofer. To avoid having to call one down, read on for tile roof cleaning tips.

Clean tile: One of the most important tile roof cleaning tips is ensuring that you always choose a clean tile. Some tiles are easier to clean than others. For example, ceramic tile is very easy to clean because it contains little grit. But even these tiles can become dirty if you neglect them for a while. Thus, make sure that you either clean the tile daily or as often as possible.

Removing plant: You should also consider removing any plant life or weeds that might be growing on the tile surface. This ensures that the tile is clean all the time. If you have a lawn or garden on your property, make sure that you remove all traces of soil before starting the cleaning process. It will also prevent any spills that could end up harming the tile. After all, water is the best ally of tile.

Soap or shampoo: If you’re going to use soap or shampoo for tile roof cleaning, you should dilute it with water first. As such, you shouldn’t just fill up the container with the recommended amount. Instead, fill up a container equal to about 2 cups of water. Mix the solution and pour it onto the tile. Then let it stand for about five minutes before scrubbing it off.

Some of the most common tile roof cleaning tips include the use of mild soap or detergent. These detergents are available in most home improvement stores. Likewise, there are also detergents that have been specially developed for tile surfaces. These soaps are more effective than those containing harsh chemicals. However, they can irritate the eyes, skin or mouth.

And finally, remember that tile roofs don’t actually need cleaning every month. A thorough cleaning should be done at least once a year. Other tile cleaning tips include applying a thin coat of gel or varnish to seal the tile and provide added protection.

Safety First and Proper Preparation

Before getting on the roof, you need to have leather gloves and safety glasses. A stable, appropriately set up ladder brace is vital to safely access the roof. When working on roofs, tile roof walk pads must be utilized for protection against falling and damage.


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