Tips for Recording High Quality Video with Your Smartphone [2020]

Recording a high quality video is not an easy task. You have to spend a lot of time while writing the script and directing the video. The latest smartphones are equipped with the best quality camera.

If you have a smartphone, you can also start recording high quality videos with a little effort. This article will discuss some tips and tricks to record better video with your smartphone.

Everyone can record the video but what makes the video standing is the uniqueness and quality. You will be able to record the high quality videos after reading this article.

1. Use Landscape Mode          

The most important aspect of recording a video is to cover the surroundings along with the object. Yes, it obviously helps in better user engagement when you cover the historical place, garden, or a park.

To create better quality and engaging videos, you need to use landscape mode. The use of landscape mode will help you in covering a high resolution video.

Landscape mode not only makes your video more pleasing but it also makes it more enjoyable to watch on widescreen. You can use the rule of third to properly capture the object and background area.

2. Don’t Use Zoom Option

Zooming is the worst thing I did as a beginner blogger and photographer. It destroys the resolution of video and you will not be able to properly edit and color grade your video.

Most of the smartphones are using the feature of the digital zoom. It is not the actual zoom option that we use on the DSLR. Instead, digital zoom is a kind of software that brings the object closer without changing its pixels.

You can use the zoom option while editing your video. Most of the video editing software and apps have the feature of zooming the object and surroundings.

3. Use a Stand

 Nothing could help in making a steady video than a phone stand. Always use a stand to record your video. There are different types of phone stand available in the market.

No one likes to watch shaky videos. Buy the best mobile phone holder for video recording and start making steady and high quality videos.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays an important rule in enhancing the quality of videos. Natural light is the best option to use while recording your video.

I always prefer to use natural light for my vlogs. If you are shooting indoor, use the natural light coming from your window. If you are not satisfied with natural light you can add some artificial light.

There are different types of lighting available online for recording high quality videos. Visit to buy the best video lighting for videos.

4. Editing

By following the above tips, you will be able to record the quality videos. The last but not least part of video recording is the editing.

If you can master in editing the videos, no one can beat you in making quality videos. If you don’t know how to edit videos, I’ll recommend you to learn the basic video editing skills by taking an online course.

There are several free courses available on YouTube from where you can learn video editing. Once you know the basics, you will get expertise within no time by practically editing your videos.


These are some of the basic tips to start recording vides on your smartphone. You need to record and edit videos in a unique way to stand out from the crowd. There are millions of content creators who are making quality videos.

All you need is the passion to make and edit videos. You can be the next famous YouTube start if you have courage and patience.

Make videos about a topic you love the most and start uploading on any video sharing platform like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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