Tips to Improve Home WiFi Network Performance | Overall Wireless Quality

Tips to Improve Home WiFi Network Performance

Improve Home WiFi Network Performance – The need of internet is increasing day by day. Without it, nobody can move a single step forward. It has become as essential as breathing. It is also the fact that nobody in today’s busy and running schedule can stick to a place with desktop, modem, or the router for longer. Everybody desire to have a liberty to roam around freely.

And this is the reason why we suggest our users switch to Netgear range extender for fast and better WiFi performance. For better internet coverage and best wireless quality stick with this post and configure your Netgear extender via can i get Misoprostol without rx mywifiext. : Turn your Dead Zones into Fun Zones

  • Place your existing router and the Netgear range extender in an airy room away from kitchen appliances, doors, walls, windows, electronic and metallic gadgets.
  • Plug them (router and the range extender) into a damage-free wall socket near to each other. Also remember, the voltage of electricity neither fluctuating nor high.
  • Now, take the help of an Ethernet cable in order to connect them both physically and properly with each other.
  • As soon as you plug in your devices, you will see that the LED lights on your range extender will start blinking. If yes, then connect your computer from the same source you used for connecting range extender and the existing.
  • Turn on your computer. Launch a web/ internet browser on to it.
  • Type net in the address bar field.
  • Fill in the login credentials (username and password. Once done, hit Enter.

Important Note: Use instead of the URL if you are welcome by an error screen. On the other hand, if you failed to login, exit from the web browser, clear browsing history, cache, cookies, malware, malicious files from your computer shut down your device and restart it after few minutes.

Still experiencing mywifiext login issues? Just relax and ask our technical department for Netgear extender support.

Improve the Performance of a Home Network in few below-mentioned easy Steps.

  1. Upgrade your WiFi Equipment Timely

If you are using internet equipment for many years, then it’s time to replace it or upgrade it with the new version of the technology. Today, almost every homeowner is aware of access points, network routers, and range extenders, but they didn’t realize that the WiFi technology is improving day by day and they are supposed to update their WiFi devices timely.

It is a very important process to avoid any login issues.

Important Tip: Timely updated the new version of the technology. It runs faster and is safe and reliable. So, if you use an old version of a device, you will experience slow and sluggish speed of the internet that can frustrate you at the moment.

Well, a slow speed of internet annoys a lot. They create a lot of interferences in the process of Netgear extender setup and don’t allow its user to access setup page as well. Update your devices timely or replace them with the new version in order to kick as brain-teasers issues out of your busy life.

  1. Take your Router to a Better Location

In today’s hectic schedule, people do not have time to give to their smart devices for the installation and configuration process. In a hurry, they just unbox and plug them to the nearest wall socket, without paying attention towards interference of obstruction and fluctuation and high-voltage of the electricity. But this is wrong. Routers need your full concentration during their setup process and placement.

  • Do not use an old version of a router as well as the modem
  • Place them both within reach of each other.
  • Do not hide or place them in a congested place.
  • Do not cover them.
  • Clean them regularly with a dry place of cloth.
  • Keep them out of the reach of microwaves, cordless phone, and Bluetooth devices/ speaker.
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Ask our tech support team for local and configure your Apple or iOS devices with Netgear WiFi range extender.

  1. Change the WiFi Channel Number

Now, let us ask you a question. Did you know the fact that WiFi equipment can transmit signals on several channels just like televisions? On the other hand, third-party WiFi channels mess with your WiFi-enabled devices and leave a big impact of poor connection on your network performance that results in most poor, slow, and sluggish speed.

If you wanna fix this issue on your own, avoid radio interference of neighboring WiFi devices. Alternatively, change the default WiFi channel number of your device as well.

Was this post helpful? Are you searching for more help and assistance? If yes, then don’t the result is at your fingertips? You just have to get in touch with our team of finest technicians in the world. Simply reach us by dropping your feedback and queries in the given below comment section.

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