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With the expectation to reach $22.32 trillion in 2020, the USA is still the largest economy in the world. Additionally, the USA is also expected to rise up to 6th in the global ease of doing business index in the year 2020. The growth of existing businesses and at the same time, the rise of new companies and start-ups has seen a boom in the past couple of years.

Simultaneously, the growth of internet usage has prompted companies to enter the race to capture this massive online market. In this race, the need for digital marketing paired with potent content writing services in USA is on a steep rise. Companies are relying more on such services to connect them with new customer bases and generate more revenues.

Importance of content marketing

Content Marketing Institute or CMI’s 2019 annual research has brought up some interesting statistics that show the demand for content writing. According to this report, 64% of B2B marketers and 69% of B2C marketers have plans to increase their content engagement. Therefore the requirement of copywriting services that can deliver top-quality content is on the rise.

Additionally, a State of Inbound Report has also pointed out the reason for hiring a leading content writing agency in USA. Their report shows that 53% of the marketers’ priorities content marketing and allocate almost 29% of their marketing budget. Furthermore, McKinsey & Company has also emphasised the fact that content marketing is one of their recent publications. It mentioned that high-quality and purposeful content has a positive effect on a company’s sales number. 

Things to look for in content writing services

Thus, if you are planning to hire copywriting services to enhance your company’s online presence, then consider the following factors before selecting one.

  1. Proficiency

Leading content writing services employ highly skilled and proficient writers. Such writers are equipped with the required knowledge of how a piece of content can make a difference for you. Therefore, a content of such calibre along with voice search optimised content can improve your SERP.

  • Existing client network

Before hiring any content writing company in USA, you should take a look at their existing client base. It will give you an idea of the type of clients they cater to and the kind of content they are capable of delivering.

  • Customer review

It is essential to check the customer review of copywriting services before hiring one. It helps you to evaluate a company’s merit and its capabilities. You can refer to various company review sites for this purpose.

Furthermore, it is vital to gauge a company’s capability to deliver projects on time. 

  • Pricing policy

Last but not least, assess the pricing policy of content writing companies before hiring one. It will ensure that you receive premium content at affordable prices.

According to Bain & Company’s recent publication, exclusive and authentic content can result in a 5% increase in customer retention and thus resulting in an improvement in revenue. Therefore, hire content writing company for such SEO-competent and exclusive content that will give you an edge over your competitors.

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Subhodip Das has been mastering the skills of content writing for the past 7 years. Presently having a talented troupe of ghost-writers, he specializes in creating content adhering to SEO standards and readers’ expectations. Being an avid reader too, he believes in growing together with his team and sharing their knowledge with aspiring writers of tomorrow.

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