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Top 10 best SUV in 2021

Do you want to change your car and are looking for one that is recent, aesthetic, and reliable? Top 10 best SUV in 2021– Why not turn to SUVs? These vehicles prove to be at ease in all circumstances and each year, thousands of motorists are seduced by its adventurous look, its elevated driving position, and it’s interior capable of comfortably accommodating the whole family. But with more and more models on the market, the choice is not always easy.

1. Audi Q3

 The first reliable SUV in our ranking is none other than the Q3 of the brand with the rings, one of the benchmark models in the Audi range. Launched at the end of 2018, the second generation of the 4.48 m -long compact SUV continues to seduce, whether in gasoline, diesel, or plug-in hybrid version. Is German quality present on the Q3? Comfortable, fun to drive, spacious, well equipped… these are some of the qualities of this vehicle according to the owners. However, some consider that the trunk is not large enough, despite its capacity of 530 liters. And that the staffing/price ratio is not always there and even in higher finish. Some bugs in the multimedia system and the GPS have also been reported. On the mechanical side, reliability seems to be the order of the day since no major anomaly has been raised for the moment, unlike the first version which had some mishaps on the S Tronic diesel box.

2. Honda CR-V

 It is one of the best-selling SUVs in the world and, since its debut in 1996, has demonstrated unparalleled reliability: the Honda CR-V. The fifth generation of the compact SUV borrows hybrid technology and displays a cumulative power of 184 hp. Whether it’s the latest version or the older one, the Honda CR-V is, without doubt, one of the most reliable SUVs and continues to delight its owners. This 4.6 m long model has a classic interior presentation and satisfactory ergonomics and a good quality finish. However, many people regret the 7-inch touchscreen that is too small and not always responsive. In addition, several opinions underline a rather fragile painting and a noisy heat engine on motorways and mountain roads, without however pointing out serious problems. You can get any car-related solution from

3. Toyota RAV4

 We come to one of the pioneers in the segment: the Toyota RAV4, which is also one of the best-selling SUVs in the world. Now only available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines in France, the fifth generation of the 4.6 m long Japanese SUV preserves the reliability of the Toyota model and brand more generally. This new version offers a more dynamic silhouette, its wheelbase is extended by a few centimeters allowing more legroom in the rear and the trunk volume is convincing with 580 l. Concerning the problems, the owners mainly comment on some equipment on board, in particular the multimedia system and the GPS, which is too dated and not always responsive. Some also note a connectivity concern with their phone which does not affect the overall comfort and mechanical reliability of the SUV. BXUZ has detailed information about it.

4. Nissan Leaf e + – 385 km

 Another oldest of the electric car segment, the Nissan Leaf. But the Japanese compact quickly learned from its mistakes. Its result bears the name of Nissan Leaf e + with a larger battery of 56 kWh and a range of 385 km.

 Above all, its cooling is now active (compared to a passive system on the 40 kWh version), which allows rapid recharging on the motorway without the risk of overheating and therefore of limited recharging power. The starting price is set at € 33,300.

5. Dacia Duster

 Resolutely less expensive, the Dacia Duster is the cheapest SUV on the market with an unbeatable price of 12,490 euros at the entry level and is also a regular at the top of SUV sales every year. But what about its reliability? Embedded in gasoline, diesel, and even LPG engines, the low-cost compact SUV offers an adventurous look, but simple and decent road performance given its price. In terms of roominess, the Duster also scores points with plenty of storage, a trunk volume in the segment average (445 l), and a welcoming and rather comfortable space. However, problems known and reported by several owners concern the gearbox of the 1.3 TCe causing whistling. The soundproofing and the infotainment system also come up in criticism from owners, who in general, however, remain satisfied with the value for money offered by the Dacia Duster.

6. Kia Niro

 Another manufacturer whose reliability is well established in the hybrid SUV market, but also plug-in hybrid and electric: the South Korean Kia with the Niro. So whatever your engine needs, the Kia Niro, which is one of the best-selling SUVs, will become your new everyday ally. After consulting many reviews, it turns out that the Kia SUV shows excellent reliability and in general, owners are very satisfied with their vehicle. However, some people realize that the powertrains offered by the Niro do not necessarily correspond to their situation and their type of driving, which is why it is essential to correctly define your needs before purchasing. In addition, the 4.35 m long SUV has a spacious and comfortable interior and a generous endowment, despite the trunk volume (324 to 451 l depending on the version) regretted by several owners and some bugs reported to the GPS level.

7. Mazda CX-5


Another Japanese SUV is among the most reliable models. This is the CX-5 from Mazda, a manufacturer whose reliability has steadily improved over the years. The 4.55m-long compact SUV is positioned as Mazda’s most popular model in France and Europe. And the success is well deserved because Skyactiv technology offers very satisfactory average consumption and this does not come at the expense of driving pleasure, which is appreciated in all circumstances. However, a few problems often come up such as the fragility of the Soul Red Crystal paint, the exterior mirrors that no longer fold up, or even some technical bugs related to the multimedia system. In short, the anomalies remain rare and are not so serious that the SUV comes to a halt.

8. Suzuki Vitara

 Japanese SUVs continue to dominate the ranking of the most reliable models and we now invite you to discover the Suzuki Vitara. The fourth generation of the 4.17 m long SUV now has just one engine in the catalog and is now equipped with a four-cylinder 1.4 Boosterjet Hybrid. Voted the most reliable brand on several occasions, Suzuki has created a hybrid urban SUV that is just as comfortable on long journeys, in particular thanks to good handling, dynamism, and optional all-wheel drive. Among the anomalies noted by the owners of the Vitara, many are those which point to poor soundproofing, a dated interior presentation containing too much hard plastics, rapid wear of the rear tires, or even a few electronic bugs. However, these do not weaken the reliability of the model, which benefits from a comfortable and welcoming interior and boot space (375 l) and an excellent price/equipment ratio.

9. Hyundai Veloster N

 In 2021, Hyundai is simplifying its Veloster range by offering only this high-quality sports compact. One of the major changes is its 8-speed dual-clutch oil automatic transmission (a 6-speed manual transmission is optional). It combines performance (2.0 L turbo engine 275 horsepower) and handling as well as very good ergonomics.

10. Subaru WRX / STI

 The Subaru WRX / STI retains its all-wheel drive and continues to provide excellent drivability. Plus, its 310 horsepower turbocharged flat 4-cylinder engine delivers all the power you’d expect from this sporty compact sedan.

Conclusion: Top 10 best SUV in 2021

 Real fashionable segment, acclaimed by more and more motorists, all manufacturers and even the most premium among them endow their range of SUVs. Currently, there is a choice for all tastes and all budgets, whether you are looking for a compact, urban, family, or sporty SUV. If you want to buy a model with an adventurer design with a spacious living area and a generous endowment who will be able to accompany you on all your journeys without presenting the slightest problem, this comparison should interest you! For more information, you can visit CarLeg.

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