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Android phones have become mainly essential in today’s life. Although there are many different operating systems and mobile phone brands in the world, ones with Android operating system are most commonly used. Doesn’t matter which operating or which brand or model you have, accessories for the mobile phone remain the same? Accessories are important for any smartphone as these make the usability easy and mobile phone more productive.  However, there are some accessories that are most important and a must have for any smartphone user. Here we are sharing 5 best mobile accessories that are must to have with your smartphone.

Protection mobile accessories:

Although the technology has made much advancement, there is no escape from breakage, scratches and other such issues. Here we are sharing some protection accessories that you must have:

Phone cases or mobile covers:

Although the smartphone built today are manufactured while keeping the safety and security of device in mind, still you can enhance the look and safety of your smartphone. One of the crucial protection you need for your phone is protection from unpredicted damage via drops. Also, you want to protect your smartphone from scratches. Mobile phone covers are available for every mobile phone brand and model which protects the smartphone from every type of damage.

Screen protectors:

Mobile screen is the most important feature in any smartphone. Also, it is the most vulnerable feature as well. Most of the time your smartphone rests in your protect with other things such as keys and other stuff. Solid and sharp products such as keys can damage mobile screen with scratches. Screen protectors are, therefore, the most important accessory you should have with your smartphone. Also, there is privacy glass which prevents certain viewing angles on your phone.

Back rings:

Mobile phones are getting bigger and taller with the passage of time. To use such big screens you need support from the back side of the phone. This support is provided by back rings or popsockets. Popsockets are small rings that can be added to the back side of the smartphone. These help in carrying the smartphone as well as work as the support to mount your smartphone on tables as well for watching movies & other entertainment.

Entertainment accessories:

Bluetooth headsets:

Other than a necessity mobile phones nowadays are also a great entertainment accessory for humans. Watching movies, listenin to songs and watching informative videos all is the favorite time pass for many people. For all this stuff to happen you need sound accessories such as headphones. Bluetooth headphones are the best sound accessory to have with the smartphone.

Wireless charging & power banks:

Another important thing for a smartphone is the battery. No matter how much advanced and latest your smartphone is, the battery of smartphones always suffers at the much needed time. Therefore, we need some accessory which can be used to charge your smartphone on the go. There are two such accessories that can help you, wireless charging pads and power banks.

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