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The year 2017 is coming to its end and so does the continuous streaming of of new smartphones, yes this year was a major time for smartphones and smartphone we did buy this year were amazing like – The OnePlus 5T, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X and more.

Now, whats new about this article?

Actually we won’t be discussing all the boring stuff you guys read about The Top 5 Smartphones of the year 2017, so you don’t have to skip its content and go on reading other articles. We are going to discuss about smartphones that might show up next year, and so we are giving a bit knowledge of upcoimg smartphones and smartphones that has already made huge impact in the market.

Yes, it will be money saving strategy also as you can’t end up in getting wrong stuff after reading this list of The Top 5 Smartphones Coming in 2018

Nokia 9 | Reviews

It is confirmed that the next phone in the H.M.D.  global lineup will be called as Nokia 9 and it would be a premium phone of its preceding   and it would be much better than Nokia 8,  now we might see Nokia may adopt curved edges with 18: 9 aspect. We would also like the phone to be water proof & retain it’s amazing super premium metal body.

The partnership of Zeiss optics & Nokia is rumored to go on, and why not it may become Nokia’s great selling point.  And whatever change the company makes in the phone, we are expecting some unique performance in the phone upcoming in 2018.

Samsung S9 | Reviews

The Samsung s8 was available in two builds, so the same trend would be expected from S9, that is included as fabulous infinity display for which Samsung is renowned for. We would also likely to see a dual camera setup on these phones, and the zoom skill of the Note 8 would also be expected to come on these high-tiered smartphone, the processor might be used on these phones – Snapdragon 845, with it’s all new capabilities and speed.

Release date : April 2018 roughly

The new Sony Xperia | Reviews of The Top 5 Smartphones Coming in 2018

Sony pumps out phones like cupcakes, now with the end of the X- series, there would be another Xperia out too, although we would like Sony to rest for a year & make a great comeback.

Though designs of this new smartphone Xperia will surely change from the traditional design to an all new design which we are not sure until the date.

There might no be any major changes except the improvement over the specs.

Launch date of Sony new Xperia smartphone : mid of 2018

HTC V 12 | Reviews

HTC has already launched V 11 + to it’s upcoming 2018 flagship, it will also launch a new smart phone in the next year- V12.We would see a shift of the phone to 18: 9 display due to people has already started liking it more than anything.

And do you know?

It has become a new trend to use smartphones with total display screens rather than any touch buttons, yes we know this trend has been started by iPhone X and now other tech brands are also using this feature in their products as well.

This HTC V12  truly can be the new foundation smartphone in 2018 flagships. HTC  is going to launch and this phone might be coming at weird time in the next year 2018, but the returning of the dual camera and the super boost of  specs could make it a great deal.

Apple iPhone 9 | Reviews

Apple has already made its another impact in the world wide market of smartphone, and it could be possible just because of its recent launch of iPhone X, with the release of iPhone X Apple celebrated this anniversary edition, Apple have laid the foundation for the next 10 years of the iPhone. So this is in the list of The Top 5 Smartphones Coming in 2018-

iPhone 9, if rumors are to be believed then this smartphone will have the same 19: 9 display as it was used in iPhone X & Apple would very much likely to give it some advancements over the previous launches. A major change in this phone might be the change from stainless steel to aluminum, of course to bring the price down.

But for iPhone users price has never been the issue, actually higher the price more people buy it and feels the privilege of being iPhone user.

Nice Na? Actually it has become fact, across the world whoever has used iPhone had taken a selfie with iPhone infront of the mirror, just to show that he has the most love smart phone in the world.

These were reviews of  The Top 5 Smartphones Coming in 2018

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