Top 5 Types of Pop-ups to Use on Your Website

In the earlier days, almost every internet user was a “lucky winner” and received messages like “claim your prize.” This is probably one of the primary reasons why people started getting annoyed by flashy pop-ups with irrelevant offers. That is why, even today, most brands are hesitant to use them.

However, pop-ups have been presented in a bad light because if you look at the numbers and conversion rates, then you will see that pop-ups still work. These pop-ups work for brands; that is why they are not yet obsolete. However, don’t forget the fact that if not strategically designed, these pop-ups can be annoying for the user.

5 Types of Pop-ups You Should Have on Your Site

If you want to maximize your online presence, then pop-ups are the way to go. Studies reveal that businesses that use pop-ups see up to a 40% decrease in bounce rates across their website. So let us take a look at five types of pop-ups that really work and how to incorporate them into your web design.

1) Click Pop-ups

If you are concerned about possibly annoying your traffic with pop-ups, then you can implement click pop-ups on your website. These pop-ups appear when the user clicks on a designated image or a link on your landing page. These are the least intrusive pop-ups because they appear after the action.

You can use click pop-ups by placing eye-catching banners on the bottom of a blog post, promoting your product, or you can connect the pop-up with the article image. Another benefit of using click pop-ups is that users get access to the desired content faster, as they don’t have to open new tabs. The speed encourages traffic on your website and increases conversion.

2) Interactive Pop-ups

While most pop-ups have interactive elements in their own way, interactive pop-ups take interaction to another level. At the moment, there isn’t much variety in interactive pop-ups, so it’s an excellent opportunity for your website to use this strategy and stand out from your competitors.

Some of the examples of an interactive pop-up include “the wheel of fortune.” In these pop-ups, you present the user with small games and quizzes to win exclusive offers and discount codes. These types of pop-ups are relatively new, so you should get assistance from website design Dubai based companies to create new and exciting pop-ups for your users and incorporate the idea of gamification on your website.

3) Opt Pop-ups

Brands that use opt-in pop-ups on their website are 1375%more likely to increase subscribers. Opt-in pop-ups are subtle but flexible, so the user does not feel uncomfortable with them. Users like these pop-ups because they drive attention without actually hampering the overall user experience. Most brands use them as floating bars or at the bottom or top of the pages.

These pop-ups can be used for newsletter sign-up, user agreement, ongoing offers, active contests, and sales. If you want loyal subscribers, then you should go for simple opt-in-pop-ups. However, be careful as you don’t want the bar to be too think, as it affects the user experience. Also, it causes display issues and UX glitches on smaller screens, especially if the user cannot see the close button.

4) Timed Pop-ups

Timed pop-ups appear on the landing page after the user has remained on the page for a designated time. Some brands use a time limit of 10 seconds while others go for 60 seconds before the pop-up appears. Timed pop-ups can be very annoying if not appropriately designed.

If you want to use these pop-ups, make sure timing is best, e.g., don’t go below 30 seconds and above 60 seconds on your webpages. Timing is crucial, as you don’t want the pop-up to shock the user or possibly annoy them by appearing too soon. But you also don’t want the pop-up to appear too late after the traffic has already bounced.

You can also check Google Analytics and see the average amount of time users spend on your page, and then set the timing accordingly.

5) Exit Pop-ups

Exit pop-ups are the most common type of pop-ups that are timed precisely when the user is planning to exit your landing page is planning on bouncing. Studies reveal that brands that use exit pop-ups are able to convert 35% of their leaving visitors into customers.

So, how do these pop-ups work? These pop-ups use an “exit tracking” software, which uses the mouse-tracking mobility and velocity, to measure when the traffic is planning on hitting the “back” button on the browser.

An exit pop-up appears right at that time and interrupts them just as they were about to bounce, encouraging them with Call-to-Action words and possibly increasing conversion. Therefore, it is recommended to consult an expert regarding enticing exit pop-ups for your website. You can give your users exclusive offers and discounts through these pop-ups.

What’s Popping?

Po-ups are a great way to convert website visitors into customers and subscribers. However, don’t make the mistake of using way too many pop-ups and alienating website visitors. Make sure your pop-ups offer relevant information so users don’t feel like they are being spammed.

A good, well-thought-out pop-up is the most straightforward path for turning website visitors into loyal customers.


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