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Vocabulary is a challenge for English language learners facing problems when they talk with their classmates in English. Vocabulary is becoming a more demanding challenge for those English language learners that don’t enrol in middle or high school. To meet this challenge, teachers should use some practical strategies and learn these learners that will help to make their vocabulary better.


Students with weak vocabulary can take help from native experts of assignment writing service for their academic assignments so that they can score well in their class. Though, we are here sharing some techniques and approaches that consider the top best vocabulary strategies for English language learners.


These are:

  • Label everything in the classroom
  • Teachers should speak with learners with rich vocabulary
  • Key vocabulary should pre-teach
  • Select text with images or rich vocabulary
  • Should play vocabulary games


Label everything in the classroom

Teachers should label all things in the classroom like


Teachers should choose posters with transparent or colourful images, or they should labels these images themselves. Or these words should be bold laters that easily can read by learners. That will help them to learn through these images vocabulary in a better way.



Teachers should write titles on all maps that are present in the classroom. If a map of a country, then write specifically the name of this country.  Or the cardinal directions like east, west, south-east label on the maps.



Teachers should label containers for materials or supplies in the classroom, coloured pencils, rulers, erasers, lined paper, scissors, white paper, or other material. Label the shelves where books, folders, workbooks, writing journals, and binders keep their designated names. So labelling these materials means that it will help all learner’s vocabulary.


Furniture and technology

Teachers should label computer screens, mouse, keyboard, classroom screen, file cabinet, speakers, teachers chair, cabinet, tables, teacher desk.



Teachers should label a visible outlet, light switch, wall, air vent, visual chord, windows, curtains, ceiling, shades, or classroom clock or door. These all overall will help to make better vocabulary for learners.


Teachers should speak with learners with rich vocabulary

Teachers should take advantage of the timing of the classroom or use rich language in their everyday interaction or instruction with students.

Pair up rich vocabulary with simpler words

Teachers should use rich vocabulary with students in the classroom but by using simpler words. In this way, English language learners can learn rich vocabulary with genuine understanding. They should use that sentences that students can easily understand, and in this way, they also can learn quickly.

With the same message communication, use a variety of phrases.

Another way to naturally rich vocabulary incorporation is to use different phrases with communication to students in the same message. For the same sentence, they should ask them this sentence into various rulings in different ways. At the start, teachers must use sentences with simp, er words. But with time, students start learning even the harsh penalties. So then teachers don’t use simple terms but teach them more complex dishes for better vocabulary.


Key vocabulary should pre-teach

Teachers don’t think that students can learn vocabulary from the text. They should teach learners those words they don’t give time. It is known as a pre-teaching vocabulary, and it also provides learners best reading experience.


Keywords selection

From the text, teachers should select the keywords that they want to learn from students.


Teachers should give learners a quick pretest to get access to the latest knowledge of this essential vocabulary.

Direct instruction

Once teachers can target the keywords they don’t know, it will be easy for them to focus only on these words or teaching students.

Graphic organizers

The excellent tools that will provide help to apply or learn new vocabulary to students are word maps, word walls, word study, or word journals.


Select text with images or rich vocabulary

Read to students

Teachers should manage a regular time for students to read and provide them a text that they can read. It is an excellent way to help students learn new words or make their pronunciation better. But teachers should choose a text with high interest, images, or rich vocabulary. Images will attract students and help them to understand the meaning of words by looking at these images.


On the large screen, display the text.

The text that teachers select for reading should display it on the large screen, and this text becomes more visible, or the entire class can see or read it. Or, for the focus of students, enlarge the text font size.


Use several visuals

If there are no visuals in the text, it will be challenging to teach the meaning of words or pre-teach vocabulary. Or without visuals, images also not will effective that teachers are choosing to teach students. So before pre-teaching language, teachers should keep visuals in their hands or post them on the wall. Or when teaching them a text, then quickly points out them through visuals or don’t distract the learners from reading. They should try that minimum interruption happens while reading. Or take some pauses during the reading that will increase the fluency of reading.


Should play vocabulary games

Teachers should allow students various games or other classroom activities that help students learn new vocabulary. For examples:


Word Bingo

Every student should have a card with grids; every grid should be with one word written. Learners should listen to these words, and the word they hear should mark these words with makers. And the first player will be that students that complete first a pattern of words. Or these games teachers can become more advanced for students.



Students should play that game with their fellows to act on a phrase or word without speaking it, or the rest of the students should try to guess this phrase or word. Or goal of this game is that students think it as possible as they can do. Students should divide into teams for an advanced game or more competitive students of the class for this game. And that team will be the winner that guesses first what is exactly that phrase or words.

However, these are the best strategies that will help all English language learners. Or for teachers teaching vocabulary is just as fun. If teachers are enjoying learning students, then students also enjoy learning.

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