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Technological advancement keeps on changing in each and every type of industry out there and the same goes for the printing industry too. Whether you are opting for wholesale full color printing or flyer printing, you must have seen how the printing industry has changed during the past couple of decades. Although, all these changes in the printing industry have made printing firms more effective, efficient, accurate, and productive. 

If you are somehow related to the printing industry then you just can’t rely on traditional ways of printing as it will act as one of the biggest drawbacks for your company.

In order to stand out of the crowd in the printing industry, you will have to keep tabs on what’s currently trending and this is what we are going to look at in this blog post. So without any further ado, let’s look at the top printing industry trends of 2020 that you should never miss.

Technological adoption

The one important thing that you will notice in the printing industry in the year 2020 is the influx of technological adoption. Most of the printing businesses out there are accepting that development is happening in their industry but still, they are embracing new technological solutions to stay innovative in the industry.

There are different types of technological adoptions happening in the printing industry like the adoption of IoT based web to print software and multifunctional printing machines. These types of introductions in the printing industry will make printing businesses offering wholesale full color printing more effective and economical.


The new report tool is being equipped with all the modern day printing machines so that all the printed materials can be easily digitized, even in the case of wholesale full color printing. This means that the printed material that you will be using for your company can also be easily digitized so that you can use the same content and design on your digital platform.

This type of approach will allow businesses to align their print marketing with their digital marketing efforts and establish uniformity in their marketing approach.

Cost effective printing

The one thing that people will be focusing more in the year 2020 will be cost-effective printing. With digital media becoming a highly cost-effective solution for all the businesses out there, printing companies will have to use different tools, techniques, and methods to keep the print media up and running by offering printing services at economical prices.

Although businesses are going to focus on many things while choosing a printing company, the most important consideration will be the price. This simply means that in the future, you will not be able to survive in the printing industry without offering cost-effective service.


Cloud is no more a new kid on the block but its adoption in the world of printing has been very slow. In the year 2020, we will see a rise in cloud printing since it will allow companies to use their mobile, tablets and other devices equipped with an internet connection to print directly. You should know that the cloud printing service is being offered by most of the cloud vendors like if you will choose a cloud hosting provider for any of your business solutions, you will get cloud printing as an add-on.

With time, cloud printing is going to become one of the most valuable parts of the printing industry as it will provide flexibility and ease of printing which the current printing industry wants.

All these printing trends will rule the printing industry in the year 2020 and with time, these trends will become inseparable. So keep an eye on these trends and make changes to your printing approach in order to stay relevant and productive.

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