Top Trends To Promote Your Business in 2019

It’s evident that the majority of companies have turned their marketing focus towards online marketing. As the entire business world is evolving quickly where consumers prefer to shop online, online marketing will continue to grow in the coming days. However, it doesn’t mean that businesses should ignore the ages-old offline marketing. To establish in the niche industry, many businesses believe that maintaining a balance between offline and online marketing is the best approach to follow.

Every year brings new opportunities to grow and take corrective measures for past mistakes. And this holds true in the world of marketing as well. These revisions help marketers to find out new directions for the years ahead. So to assist them in getting new directions, we have made some anticipation for the top trends to promote business in 2019.

pfizer viagra buy online in india 1. Business cards

Business cards are one of the greatest offline marketing tools to promote business and generate leads. Today, technology has entirely transformed the way we communicate. Since most of the people are digitally connected, it’s obvious to feel that business cards are of no use. However, as per the statistics, every day 27 billion cards get printed in the US alone. Here are a few ways through which you can make your cards interesting:

  • Create a referral program by instructing the backside of the card.
  • Partner up with complementary services. For instance, if someone is looking for graphic design services, they may also look for a professional photographer.
  • Include testimonials to win trust and gain credibility.
  • Add QR Code. It’s a great way to link print as well as online marketing materials.
  • Partner with past clients and ask them to display your cards at their locations.

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2. Billboards

In today’s digital era, when it comes to promoting business, billboards have successfully managed to retain its place. As per the latest statistics, by 2023, outdoor marketing will record CAGAR by 4% globally. People may ignore T.V advertisements, newspapers, and radio, but billboards are something that nobody can ignore. It helps businesses in getting 24/7 hours attention. Here are some tips to make use of billboards effectively:

  • Choose the location where you can establish a connection with your target audience.
  • Do proper testing on how your advertisement will look from a certain distance.
  • Don’t include pictures of your team members
  • Give a clear call-to-action
  • Make sure the text on the ad is legitimate
  • Give proper contact details
  • Use graphics that communicate what words can’t

3. Product packaging

Nowadays, the packaging is not merely a wrapping sheet but an effective marketing tool that impacts the sales volumes. No doubt, there are many other ways to increase sales, but the packaging is the greatest amongst them. The recent studies have shown that 95% of new products get failed because of bad packaging. Here are a few design trends that may rule in 2019:

  • Intelligent packaging

It is the type of packaging design where RFID chips and NFC tags are used to engage customers through their smartphones. Customers get complete information about the real-time offers, stock availability, originality, etc.

  • Eco-friendly packaging

Increased awareness for the eco-friendly environment has hard-pressed businesses to create product packaging that doesn’t harm the environment.

  • Personalization

The demand for personalization is rising rapidly, and the trend will continue to grow even in 2019. Consumers show their keen interests in such products and also share their stories on social media.  It not only helps companies to increase their sales but also get word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Convenience

The eating habits have entirely changed so are the packaging trends. Because of the work culture, today people prefer to have ready to eat a meal which can be consumed on-the-go. It is where packaging is driving the change.

4. Guerrilla marketing

It is a kind of strategy where companies promote their products or services in public places. It not only helps them in getting direct offline exposure but also in getting word-of-mouth marketing. And if the idea goes viral, they may get the media exposure as well. Before going for guerrilla marketing, certain things need to be taken care of:

  • Place
  • Legitimacy
  • Execution must be perfect in the first go
  • Don’t irritate people

Your creative should support your objective.

5. Custom T-shirts:

It’s always a great feeling to wear a t-shirt for your brand. Companies have started realizing the importance of custom t-shirts for branding their products. As per the latest reports, custom t shirt printing market is expected to grow the US $10 billion globally by 2025. Custom t-shirts are the most economical, smartest, and effective way to promote products or services. You can wear them anywhere, and the chance of getting noticed is very high. Through custom t shirts, you can communicate your brand message in a more friendly and casual way. If you are thinking to design a shirt to promote your business, here are some tips:

  • Be clear with the purpose; whether you want to create a t-shirt for promotion, leave-behinds, brand values, etc.
  • Define your budget, quantity, timeline
  • Choose the t-shirt type
  • Have a clear understanding of the placement of design
  • Choose the right colors and typography
  • Know your printing options
  • Hire a professional designer
  • Evaluate your design
  • Find a printer
  • Use online t-shirt maker tool to design on your own

6. Printing materials:

Marketers have been using printing materials to promote their businesses for centuries. No doubt, new digital media such as podcasts, videos, etc., have taken control in delivering content for marketing purpose but some companies still focus on printing materials in providing valuable content. Brochures, catalogs, direct mail postcards, stickers, and letterheads are some of the marketing materials that you can use to promote your business.


To drive the target audience to business, offline marketing is as strong as online marketing.  With little creativity and focused approach, you can take these trends as a part of your marketing plans.

Author Bio:

Henny Kel works as a Digital Marketer, brand consultant and business strategist with Designhill- A reliable marketplace for logo design, business card maker, web design, custom tank tops, and many other designing works. With extensive experience working both client side and within the agency environment, he has authored several articles on topics related to digital marketing, business strategies, content marketing etc.

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