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At the beginning of 2019, very few people knew about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. But just a few months later, a kind of mass hysteria started. Bitcoin started to grow, as in leaps and bounds. People have earned thousands of dollars on it.

Someone could become a millionaire in a couple of months. These inspiring stories on the web have inspired other users to invest their savings in these new digital assets. And people didn’t even know much about what cryptocurrencies are about. They tried to take the time to make money from this crazy wave of growth.

If at the beginning of last year Bitcoin costs 100 dollars, then by the end of December 2017, the currency has been traded on exchanges for already 20 000 dollars! Imagine how enriched those people who were in your hands before the start of this next rally!

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It is not surprising that major foreign exchange speculators and investors from around the world have started to invest in these new assets actively. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has fallen dramatically in value. But many analysts and experts say this is nothing more than a classic technical correction against the upward trend. So or not, only time will tell. Also, the views of leading analysts and experts are divided equally – some votes for growth and others for the collapse of the entire cryptocurrency market. 

I have also been actively interested in these new assets since 2017. And believe me, the current drop is not a cause for frustration. Since there are many other ways to earn in encrypted currency, and I will talk about this in detail in my analysis. Now I will try to explain briefly why these assets are growing in price at such a rapid pace. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a certain Satoshi Takemoto.

For several years, these digital currencies were not in demand and popular. Few knew about them. Well, the first coins that people received purely as an alternative payment for goods and services on the Internet. There are many sad stories in which people stored thousands of Bitcoin coins on the old computer and played with that treasure. Naturally, nobody knew that Bitcoin would become so popular in the 5-6 years.

The main advantage of this coin is complete anonymity. This is both a virtue and a disadvantage. Since many representatives of the underworld have started to pay for their Bitcoins services because they will not be calculated yet, for this reason, many central banks still do not dare to legalize encrypted currencies and recognize them as an official means of payment. But still ahead, as all major countries are actively negotiating on this issue.

The price of such assets is rising because the number of currencies is strictly limited. In the world, no more than 21 million Bitcoins can be created. Therefore, with each new currency created, the price for them increases. Stock speculators value encrypted money as asylum assets. If you have ever faced Forex trading and are regularly reading news, you know that gold is the most critical asset.

It cannot be faked, like Bitcoin. Many analysts and experts predict that Bitcoin will soon move gold from its pedestal. Anyway, but cryptocurrencies are already firmly installed in our modern society. And while this wave of popularity has not dried up, you need to be able to make money with cryptocurrency.

Prefer to work only with the TOP most profitable encrypted currency:

•Bitcoin, • Lightcoin, • Ethereum, • Ripple, • Bitcoin Cash, • Monero, • IOTA, • Dash, • Ethereum Classic, • Bitcoin Gold, • Zcash.


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