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Travel Guidelines in India About states that require Covid RT-PCR test.

As the number of Covid cases in the country have been dipping down with time, certain travel restrictions in various states in India have been removed. Travel Guidelines in India– But, still some states have not lifted those restrictions and have still made it mandatory for travelers to go through Covid RT-PCR test and get a negative result.

 It is critical to observe these travel guidelines and travelers must be careful and follow the Covid protocols while travelling across states so that any carelessness on their part doesn’t put the lives of the locals of a particular state in danger.  All passengers must download the AarogyaSetu App. If the passenger is found positive, necessary protocols lay down by state authorities must be followed that includes quarantine

What is a RT-PCR test?

The covid RT-PCR Test is reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test for the detection of genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 by collecting nasal or oral swabs from individuals suspected of Covid-19. It is one of the most precise Covid-19 detection methods available. Many companies have sprung up to offer low-cost RT-PCR testing for covid-19. SpiceHealth has emerged as India’s fastest growing diagnostic lab, having performed over 2.3 million RT-PCR tests since its launch in November 2020. SpiceHealth’s Covid RT-PCR test is the cheapest in the country, with prices starting at Rs 499/-. Book a Test  now.

To counter the expected 3rd wave of fatal covid-19 virus, many states have devised policies and have put certain travel restrictions which in itself is for the good of our country. Here are some states with their travel guidelines.


Thermal screening is done for all passengers upon arrival.   Passengers who are found positive will be quarantined at home or hospital for 10 days.  Passengers from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana must present a negative covid RT-PCR test certificate that is not more than 72 hours old from the date of travel.

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Passengers who do not have a negative covid RT-PCR report when they arrive at the airport will not be allowed to enter the islands. A negative certificate from an ICMR-approved lab which is less than 48 hours old from the travel date is required.  Even if the result is negative, all passengers should undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) at the airport, with obligatory 7-day quarantine.

  • Assam

Thermal screening will be conducted upon arrivals on arrival in the state via train and air, Both Rapid Antigen tests and covid RT-PCR tests are required.  Regardless of a negative test result. Thermal screening will be conducted upon arrivals. RAT will be free of cost.  Test upon arrival free of cost and an obligatory 7-day home quarantine is required.

  • Bihar

Thermal screening will be conducted upon arrivals. In certain cities like Patna RAT test will be free of cost at arrivals for passengers from other sectors. Travel Guidelines in India– However, in certain places like Darbhanga, Passengers arriving by flight from Delhi & NCR, Maharashtra, and Kerala & Punjab must have a negative RT-PCR report issued less than 72 hours from the date of travel. Those unable to produce the certificate shall undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) at the airport. Passengers arriving from the above-mentioned states will also undergo mandatory 10-day quarantine if landing in various cities of Bihar.

  • Chhattisgarh

Thermal screening will be conducted for all passengers. Passengers who are subjected to testing upon arrival will be obliged to remain in home quarantine until the test results are announced. Or carry a COVID -19 vaccination certificate after 2 doses of vaccination a negative RT-PCR test conducted within the last 96 hours is required. Travel Guidelines in India–  Anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms will be tested at the airport. Positive people / suspected cases must stay in their homes for 14 days quarantine.

  • Goa

Anyone travelling to or from the state by road, rail, or air must have a negative certificate obtained 72 hours before travel or be fully vaccinated. Persons with medical emergencies and persons entering the state in goods vehicles making essential supplies on the other hand, are excluded from the restriction if they can prove it.

  • Gujarat

Those flying into the state of Gujarat must have a negative RT-PCR test report from an ICMR-approved lab obtained within the last 72 hours. Those who do not have a certificate will be subjected to a test at the airport. Quarantine is not required in Goa

  • Jammu and Kashmir

At the airport, a mandatory RT-PCR test is required also; if the RT-PCR test results are positive then 14-day mandatory home quarantine is necessary.

  • Jharkhand

A negative RT-PCR test report is required that is not more than 72 hours ago. Travelers who show signs of illness will be screened, and all passengers will be placed on seven-day quarantine.

Madhya Pradesh

Thermal screening is done for all passengers. To enter the state of Madhya Pradesh, a negative RT-PCR test certificate from an ICMR-approved lab which is not older than 48 hours is required. Self-declaration is compulsory for all passengers arriving at Indore.

West Bengal

Passengers must have a negative RT-PCR test report within 72 hours of their scheduled departure date. Those who arrive without it will be subjected to an obligatory 14-day quarantine period at their own expense.

  • North-eastern states

Travel Guidelines in India– Ensure that travelers travelling to the state do not board flights from the origin station unless they have an RT-PCR/RAT negative certificate or a final vaccination certificate (i.e., both doses are complete and have been completed 15 days from the receipt of the second dose). . A negative RT-PCR test is required for travel to any of the states in the Seven Sisters, as well as an obligatory quarantine period.

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