Tulips: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Tulip Flowers

The flower is a miraculous and an elegant plant on earth. The creation of flowers, make a world amazingly beautiful. Flowers are normally planted for a whole year but few flowers are specific for summer or winter season. Tulip flowers are one of the beautiful flowers in the world. 

Tulip flowers have three petals with three sepals and it’s a cup-shaped flower and Tulip is a hefty flower with a wide variety of colors and shades that are mostly red, pink, yellow, orange and white except blue, and are the coolest of floral characters.

It belongs to the lily family. Tulip blooms in steppes and mountainous regions with a moderate environment. Few leaves are seen on the tulip stem. Tulips usually best survive in cooler places.

Tulip’s History

The tulip cultivation starts in Persia, almost 10th century ago in Turkey and Persia. The name tulip derived from the Persian word turban. In central Asia, the tulip is considered a wildflower. The famous Netherlands ‘land of flowers’ tulip is seen there in the 16th century. In the 17th century, the tulip is used as a garden decoration but soon get popular for a trading product.

And in the 18th century, it is well thought to be a crime to sell or buy tulips in Turkey. In Holland, the passion and interest are incredible for flowers, especially tulip a huge and gorgeous bulb that was sold for unbelievably high prices. This flower’s attractiveness ascends in the seventh century. Now, these fabulous tulip flowers are grown throughout the world. 

Tulip Symbolize Perfect Love

The frilly petals and dramatic flames of this stunning flower symbolize the perfect love. This flower is recognized as the world’s loved flower. These elegant colorful flowers are a perfect combo with chocolates or cookies for your desired person. The tulips have a significant role in culture and arts. Diverse colors of tulip mark different meanings.

Tulip Meaning Allied With Different Colors

 With the availability of different colors of tulips, there is a great chance to select your desired color of a tulip to give someone with a surprising message. Like every color of bloom express a different meaning.

Pink Color Tulip

The idea of perfect happiness is taken out by the pink color of tulips. The pink tulip is best to reward someone when having a promotion and a friend for having a new job. This color of the flower is best to show your happiness and confidence. Pink tulips also used to express your attachment or care.

Red Color Tulip

Red color always symbolizes love and affection whether it belongs in any kind of flower. So the red tulip similarly marks the love and admire for your beloved one. True love always symbolized with red tulips and it stands for belief in adore. When a person is in deep love with their spouse or someone else then the red tulip evokes passion and romance, so it’s best to present with a red tulip bouquet to your dear one.

Yellow Color Tulip

In the previous time, yellow link with rejection in love or dramatize a hopeless condition, but in the modern era, the yellow tulip is symbolizing with a mark of friendship. Yellow tulip now signs the sunshine in relation and represents the radiant smile. It is the best floral gift for your friend.

Purple Color Tulip

It signs rebirth and spring in Ukrainian artworks. Purple color in tulips shows royalty and nobility.

Orange Color Tulip

Orange tulips are known for their cheerfulness and happiness and show enthusiasm, desires, and fascination in a couple’s life. It also shows the mutual understanding in a couple’s life.

White Color Tulip

The garden of white tulip marks or resemble heaven on earth. As white tulips express purity and innocence in relations. White is a sign of peace and harmony, it is also used on some occasion of a funeral. Respect and honor are also the other names of white tulips.  

Cream Color Tulip

This type of color in tulips marks commitment with others. Tulip is known as the most beautiful creation to express your feelings utilizing its colors. The speckled or multi-color tulips tell about the beautifulness of the eyes.

Types of Tulip Flower

Tulip is a remarkable flower with silky petals and a dazzling decorative ornamental plant. Tulips are found in some colors and types. Here a few types of tulips are as below:

Triumph Tulips

This type of tulips is available in a wide range and found in the largest group. Triumph tulip is of medium length stems. This type of flower is best for short term bedding.

Darwin Hybrid Tulip

These blooms are best in midseason. Hybrid tulip survives for many years and called a long-lasting flower. The brilliant tulips have a strong stem and good for décor in homes and offices. 

Fringed Tulip

Fringed tulip is well- known crispa tulip. These tulips have cuts at the petal’s end. This plant makes odd comforter but has a stunning look.

Double Tulip

It’s a striking tulip with double peonies. It is a long-lasting tulip and good for bedding. It is perfect settles in pots and window boxes. Early types of flowers seem like daffodils.

Fosteriana Tulip

This tulip is found in rich colors and is normally a large vivid flower. In Europe, it is famous for scenery, and varieties of color especially blue Muscari or purple pansies are famous.

Greigii Tulip

The trophy shaped tulip gives a lovely look with purple striped that is quite expressive. It is a midseason bloom with exceptional luminous colors.

Lily-Flowered Tulips

These white lily flowered are elegant and admirable for bedding and cutting.

Parrot Tulips

Parrot tulip incites admiration as their feathery edged blooms are big but need protection from strong wind.

 Single Early Tulips

These tulips are best for cooler weather and can survive long in cold places.

Online Tulip Flower Delivery Dubai

Tulips are the flower linked the best with the 11th anniversary, so if you want to amazed herhis with a red tulip bouquet then the online delivery is a fabulous chance to show your immense affection and care toward hisher.


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