How to Choose the Right UK Marketing Lists for Insurance

When you’re looking for cytotec overnight without prescription UK marketing lists for browse around this website insurance leads you have a few decisions you need to make at the outset.


  • How will you use the UK marketing lists?
  • Call-back leads or Profile Marketing Lists?
  • What’s best? Fresh or aged data?


How will you use the UK marketing lists?

Will you be using the leads for telemarketing, email marketing, SMS or postal? Your answer will help as the very best marketing lists should have been generated via the same method.

As an example, if you will be using them for telemarketing, the best lists would have been compiled via telephone survey as this means the data is already receptive to marketing via the telephone.

Likewise, if you want email marketing lists, your best kind of UK marketing list would have been compiled from email responders.


Call-back leads or Profile Marketing Lists?

There are predominantly two types of leads available. Ones where somebody has clicked on a Google Advert or Social Media Ad and filled in a form requesting a call-back or leads which are profiled.


Call-back Leads

The call-back leads are expensive and as you can imagine, in short supply!

When you’re buying call-back leads, they need to be called, wherever possible, within minutes of them being generated.

The ideal situation is that you are calling the prospect within seconds of them requesting a call-back. To do this, you can set up an API directly into your dialled. If you don’t use a dialler, you’ll need to act very quickly on the ‘New Lead’ alerts you receive. Being able to call the lead as close to ‘real time’ as possible massively increases the conversion rate.


Profiled UK Marketing Lists

Profiled marketing lists are more affordable with higher volumes available.

If you’re buying the profiled UK marketing lists, we suggest you focus on people that already have the type of insurance you are selling and that you insist on the list having their current insurance supplier. This allows you to start your sales call stating you are calling about their XYZ type of insurance with [provider name].

This approach gains their attention quickly and you can go directly into offering a new quote.

When buying profiled UK marketing lists, you have a choice of fresh or aged data!


What’s best? Fresh or aged data?

This can be a little confusing so we’ve explained the difference for you…



For fresh data, you should be calling the data as soon as possible because most of the time the data has come from a multi question survey so the prospect is likely to be receiving contact about multiple products at the same time. What you can do is take the decision to rest the data for a while, say 3 or 4 weeks. This will put you in a window where the prospect has stopped receiving multiple marketing calls, so you will get a better response when you call. Basically, you need to be one of the very first people to call them or call them when they’ve stopped receiving lots of marketing calls.



The main question you should ask yourself about aged data, is, is the data time dependant. Time dependant is when a need needs to be fulfilled within a certain period of time. Insurance for a holiday is time dependant, you need that insurance for a certain time.

Most of the time, insurance leads are not time dependant so you can use aged data for marketing lists.

The next question you need to ask is, do you have permission to contact the data. In this day and age it is very important you only buy data where the data broker can prove you have all the permissions in place to contact that data for marketing purposes.

Aged UK marketing lists can work very well and give excellent ROI but you must buy it from reputable sources.


At Axowa, we conduct full due diligence on all data we purchase for clients and build an A / B testing scenario so clients can see which UK marketing lists work best for them!

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