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We at the OXO packaging have made it extremely easy for you to customize your candle boxes and show them off to your customers in a different style. Start customizing your custom candle boxes with us to make them more outstanding for your customers so if they are thinking about buying a gift for their loved ones, they think twice about your candles that are packed in gaze-catching boxes. Our packaging is surely going to create an ever-lasting positive impression on your customers that they will remember. Besides, such candle boxes can also be printed with your brand’s logo to create an unforgettable branding effect upon the new audience. Packaging of these candles can be made according to the type of candle to impress the customers. 


Spark ignition with extremely creative candle packaging

Spark ignition into your candle packaging by getting boxes and packaging that are creatively and innovatively made to your exact specifications and according to your needs. First, you have to pick a unique outlook for your candle box. Explore a huge and vast list of shapes and styles possibilities gathered specifically to make your choice easier. Pick the eye-catching vibrant colors and styles to best match your candles. We are also giving our customers the option to decide between using gold foiling or silver foiling to give the boxes a glow and choose from multiple finishing options like gloss, matte, and glitter to give your customers the best and great-looking candle packaging they have ever seen before. Our expert staff will give you the best ideas for candle box decorations and make them perfect for your customer’s any kinds of events. They are surely going to love it and will come again for more. OXO Packaging is offering you to avail many great and endless customization opportunities to emerge with creative and unique designs for your candle packaging.

Colorful custom candle boxes made exactly according to your requirements 

We never compromise the quality of the boxes which are made in our company because we care about our customers and we aim to give you maximum benefits in minimum investment. To get these uniquely customized boxes wholesale at your doorstep without any shipping charges all around the USA, contact us now. We deliver the order within 4 to 8 working days maximum. We will provide you with the quality that will enhance the number of your sales in no time. Whether they are custom candle boxes or any other boxes, we use sturdy material to make your customized boxes according to your requirements and to keep your items safe from any kind of damage. Customizing can be done with many of the options such as shape sizes and most importantly the lamination of the boxes matte or glossy both look as unique and classy as they can be. Our printing machines use vibrant and permanent inks to give your custom candle boxes eye-catching colors. Moreover, our boxes are eco-friendly, we never want to harm our earth or any other thing in any way so our boxes are made with 100 percent cruelty-free materials.

Call Us at (510) 500-9533 or email us at to get the supreme quality candle boxes customized according to your wish.


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