Unknown Facts About The Bangladeshi Film Industry

Only a few people are aware of the fact regarding the origin of the Bangladeshi film industry. Though most of the sources will point towards the late 20th century, if we dig further, then we find that the foundation of the much loved Dallywood had been put long before the first movie was released. According to some sources, it was a touring theatre company, owned by a British gentleman called John Stevens which started the film industry in Bangladesh. Mr Stevens toured Bangladesh around 1890s intending to preview the first motion pictures in the country. A few years later, the Bredford Bioscope Company came into existence. The most valuable milestone came in the year 1914 when a permanent cinema house was opened, and it is widely referred to as the event signifying the origin of Bangladeshi Bengali films. In the later years, the film industry got its native name and came to be known as Dhallywood, or Dallywood, deriving Dha- from the capital of the country, Dhaka.

Dhallywood, otherwise called Dallywood, is situated in the film capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It is here that 90% of all Bangladesh motion pictures are made and where the Bangladeshi film industry has developed to such a degree, that it creates around a hundred motion pictures every year. Strikingly, before Bangladesh picked up its autonomy from Pakistan on 16 December 1971, most Bengali movies were made in Calcutta and East Pakistan. Be that as it may, after 1979 the film business in Bangladesh began picking up force and was discharging just about fifty motion pictures for every year. In the 1990s the number of motion pictures gradually began to increase to just about ninety.

As of late, the Bangladesh film industry has begun enduring its financial troubles as crowds go to home amusement, satellite feeds and global motion pictures. This diminishing support for the Dhallywood films is said to be because of boring motion pictures that are of revolting substance and are loaded up with over the top brutality. On-screen characters and entertainers are likewise requesting that mortifying and unsatisfactory scenes in the motion pictures ought to be cut, and many won’t act in these movies, causing warmed discussions and battles among chiefs and the Bangladeshi stars. Even though the fight against flawed creation motion picture creators is progressing, there have been a couple of motion pictures that have grabbed the attention of the worldwide film industry and got selections.

For example, Tanvir Mokammel, Zahir Raihan and Humayun Ahmed have gotten extraordinary recognition for their remarkable coordinating capacities. Movies, for example, “Matir Moina”, directed by Tareque Masud, got an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in the year 2003; trailed by the Humayan Ahmed film “Shyamol Chaya” in 2006 and in 2007, “Nirontor” by Abu Sayeed was also nominated

The Bangladeshi Bengali Films are making significant progress, and they are slowly catching up with the International Standards.

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