Useful Guide for Belkin Range Extender Setup

Guide for Belkin Range Extender Setup

Guide for Belkin Range Extender Setup- In this perfect world of modern technology, we’d have seamless access to the internet regardless of where we are in our homes or offices. Conversely, the reality is that oddly shaped rooms, thick metal walls, electronic gadgets interference a lot with WiFi signals and leads to the slow and sluggish internet connection. Dear users, there’s no need to panic, though! Belkin range extender setup (sometimes called a range expander or wireless repeater); you can amplify the strength of your existing wireless signal, creating a secondary network for hard to reach places and dead zones.

This post will walk you through the rose-petal installation process step-by-step.

source url Process 1: Using an Ethernet Cable

If you want to use a wired connection, the very first question to ask is ‘Do I need to connect more than one device to my network’? If you don’t want, then you may directly connect an Ethernet or a USB cable.

The click Belkin extender setup process is incredibly simple and easy. Plug one end of the cable into your main router and another end into your repeater or range expander. Next, turn on your laptop or computer, connect it to your network and go to Belkin.range setup.

Now, you will see a get started option- click it and choose your WiFi network from the appearing list. Once done, enter your password and click through until and unless you see ‘create an extended network’ option.

Process 2: The Wireless Setup

There are two proper and appropriate to do so. The first one is WiFi-Protected Setup (WPS). As long as your main router supports this feature, you just have press this button, first on your Belkin range extender, then on your main router within the gap of few minutes.

You have to look at the back panel of your WiFi router. There you can see a sticker that consists of the WPS PIN number. Note it down for future requirements. After that, now browse to www.belkin.range on your PC or laptop that is physically and properly connected with your range expander.

Once done successfully, click on the extended network settings – enter your WPS PIN in the box that is located next to ‘enter client device PIN’. At last, click on the ‘enroll’ button.

If WPS is not supported by your device, then is okay. You don’t have to worry about it. Connect your range extender to the network and navigate to Belkin setup extender page. Also, the process is same as setting up with the wired connection. Yes, that is it – you just have to click on the option ‘get started’ – choose the network that belongs to you and enter your secure and valid password. Finally, hit on ‘create an extended network’.

Know about your Belkin range extender IP address.

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Important Considerations

There are few things to consider when using a Belkin WiFi range extender. First of all, you have to place it in a high, cool and dry position where it receives as strong a signal as possible far away from interference creating WiFi, metal, Bluetooth, and electronic objects. Range extenders only enhance the existing signals, so if they receive a weak signal, you might not be able to connect and access Belkin wireless range extender setup page.

Secondly, you will see some speed reduction constantly. You may get 40Mbps when connected to your router via USB cable, but the signal, and as such, your speed, degrades the further you get away.

Here, we advise users to run a speed test on your new network to see whether it’s going to be suitable for your needs and requirements or not.

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