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Sometimes one purchase a set of knives, wonders what a knife is meant for, how to use it. The different knives are prepared for a special purpose. If one understands the exact use of the knife may make life easier. 

If somebody is not able to understand the functionality of a knife, how he can use it effectively.

Professional chefs exactly know the use of every knife available in the kit.

One needs to purchase a branded knife for longer use like the Knife sharpening service.

Chef’s knife:

The chef knife is round about 8 to 10 inches long. If crafted perfectly, it should feel like an extension of your arm. Its use goes beyond the chopping and dicing of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. One can also use the chef knife for cutting meat and poultry. Don’t use it to peel small ingredients, it’s too long for that. 

Santoku knife:

The Santoku knife is versatile as a chef knife. As compared to the chef knife, it has a straight blade. It has a small indentation to slide off easily. The santoku knife is good for chopping, dicing, and mincing the meat. It is also used to slice cheese on bread. Both chef knives and santoku knives are similar in their usage and all-purpose knives.

Carving knife:

Carving knives are used to cut large pieces of meat into smaller ones. They have an indentation at the side of the blade to slice through the meat. They can cut meat into small pieces precisely.

Bread knife:

They are long and have serrated edges. They can easily separate bread softly without sacrificing its integrity. They are also used to cut a baked cake or a pizza precisely by tearing it apart. You can also use them to cut large melons where large blades usually get stuck into them.

Utility knife:

They are good for chopping smaller foods and vegetables. They are smaller in size as compared to chef knives. It shares many of the qualities of the chef knife. It helps you in cutting small foods precisely. They are smaller in size and usually 5 to 6 inches in size and thinner than chef blades.

Steak knife:

They are less for cutting more for eating different foods. Steak knives are utilized along with steak food. They can cut the steak like butter to make your dinner more enjoyable.

Cleaver or Butchers Knife:

These have a flat, rectangular-shaped blade. The cleavers come in different sizes depending upon their specific use.

The butcher knives are heavier and broader in their size. The basic purpose of cleavers is to chop up large pieces of meat. Due to their weight and size, they can cut through the bones. 

The cleaver’s bulky size is specific for raw meat rather than the cooked meat. Cleavers are also handy for crushing garlic or ginger against a chopping board.

Salmon knife:

Salmon knives are long in size with flexible blades. They are designed to fillet larger fishes. These knives are slim and sharp, giving them a precise shape to remove the skin. Some of the salmon knives also have indentation along the side of the blade.

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