Using Beacons for Office and Home Automation

Beacons for Office and Home Automation- Beacons have percolated in our lives like no other technology has. The technology was first introduced to track the movement of customers at events, airports, museums, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Tech evangelists are now using Beacons technology to bring low-cost smart home infrastructure for the masses.  

According to ABI Research, BLE Beacon shipments are forecasted to exceed 400 million units in the next five years. 

Beacons automate various tasks like entertainment units, home appliances, thermostats, security systems, surveillance cameras using a smartphone app. Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) battery-operated beacons can be placed in any target area to emit signals. BLE beacons easily transform home and offices to automated homes and offices. 

Oodles Technologies is a well-established home automation app development company. We provide full-scale smart home automation solutions to build cross-platform mobile apps for a wide range of smart home devices. 

Home Automation Systems with Beacons 

Beacon hardware is installed at a new home while wiring for electricity. The rules are set before the installation and notifications are sent to the homeowner’s mobile phones via appropriate applications. Since the Beacons are short-range devices, therefore, the proximity to the Beacons is important. Homeowners can pre-set reminders for the expiry date of the bread or milk in the refrigerator. Notifications enable users to consume a commodity before it expires. 

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