Venture Capital: Funds for Startups

When we just started to undertake it is difficult to convince the shareholders or partners and, not having investment statistics it seems impossible to convince third parties about our project but that is when venture capital comes to our rescue.

Venture capital is the first installment of money that is given to us to start working on our project and although it may sound difficult to reach, there are different ways and options to get your company to be part of a fund. But now Scott Paterson Toronto makes it easy for you.

How to get funds to start?

How can we get funds to start our business? That is a great question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves when they are starting a project.

This does not mean that in our countries there is no possibility of obtaining investment, however, if it is more complicated, especially in the early stages.

Fortunately, getting a fund’s investment is just one of many ways in which, as entrepreneurs, we can get the necessary capital to carry out our projects.

These are some useful ways to get funds to start:

Sales:It seems the most obvious, but many entrepreneurs do not consider it an option when they start, have you thought about what you can do to sell as soon as possible and fund your project yourself?

Friends, family and fans:If you really need capital, sometimes the first place you can go is your personal contacts, they can become your first investors. Remember that it is important that you treat them with all the seriousness that deserves. Learn as in the book.

Calls and contests: Without a doubt they are a valuable resource, which should not be abused. Participating in these calls can be very positive for your venture, as long as it does not take longer to apply than to undertake.

Incubators and accelerators: Some institutions offer seed capital for the projects they support, but that is not the only thing, look carefully at everything they offer and if they really add value to your project.

Government Calls: Several government institutions offer funds for different types of entrepreneurs, the process may be more bureaucratic, but it’s worth it.

Crowd funding: One of my favorites, use all your convening power to get the funds you need, if you have a good idea or an interesting story, you could get even more funds than they offer in the contests, yes, you will have to be willing to do a whole campaign to achieve it. In the book you can find links to the main platforms that exist.

Credits: Before getting an investment and giving up a percentage of your company, think, could I get a loan and pay it with my income? Maybe this way you can have access to an interesting capital, but of course it takes an important responsibility and commitment, get advice before taking it.

Angel Investor: Every time there are more people who are willing, as individuals, to invest in projects on a personal basis, you will have to be very well prepared, as they will not offer funds to anyone. So Scott Paterson Toronto capitalist is also great source in case of managing funds.


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