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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ethics and way of communication are changing with the change in time. If we consider the past and the present, it is very much clear that video is going to be the future medium of communication. There is no other way more understanding, depicting as well as persuading than a video.

Email is such a primary source to communicate with friends, family, colleagues as well as to deliver a message to the subscribers and customers. Latest researches have shown that the video are more likely to deliver the complete message if compared with the text and images. Making and editing a video is not difficult at all especially with the introduction of cloud based video editing system. 

There are several reasons, which clarify why video email is going to be the future of communication and not the text emails.

1-    Time Saving

Reading a thousand word article is excessively hectic and not everybody is fond of reading. Besides, reading may get boring if it is not delivering the right message so what makes a video perfect alternate of written content? You can provide your customer a nice 1-minute video rather than making him feel burdened with thousand word boring text or a boring question answer written chat. A video can deliver the same message in 1 minute, which a customer may not be able to understand even after reading 1000 words of an article. This is how video saves the time of your customer and make them happy with you.

2-    Less Hectic

People are more likely to ignore the boring emails. Sometimes people just skip the long boring text in an email or throw them in trash without even paying any heed. This way it will not bring any profit to your business so why not move to something interesting. Something that people will love to see. Video attracts the viewers; it takes less time and remove the fuss of reading all the information.

3-    Attract and Engage audience

While reading a text, attraction of audience may be diverted towards something they like or something that seem more interesting. They will leave your written email in between leaving all of your hard work as well as expectations go in vain. It is your job to keep your audience interested in your product. So why not use the technique they will enjoy? Video is something audience will love to watch. Even in the email as video takes minor and deliver the message perfectly.

4-    Deliver The Concept

The main purpose of content is delivering the concept. Whole world is after this thing, people learn to read, write, talk, speak, and even to persuade just so they can create a quality content. Well, all of this is a good thing to do but what to do when people still do not understand you. What if your content make them drowsy, tired, and make them feel boring. It clearly depicts that the time has changed and the people of this era are clearly not interested in reading books. They prefer audio and video formats to understand anything. Video marketing is one of the best-proven format for a business as it attracts the viewer and deliver your main concept to him.

5-    Build Up and Emotional Connection

Have you ever noticed why all of the commercials on television and even on YouTube are emotional base? Let me tell you why it is so. A study proved that people are more likely to follow something, which inclines with their emotions. This is the reason why every product is marketed to us by proving us its emotional worth. We are more likely to hold on to things which attach us to our family, friends and even to ourselves. Videos build up our emotional connection with the product. We are more likely to watch that brand’s commercial videos again and there are chances that people may wait for your email just so that they can enjoy watching the video.

6-    Videos facilitate convenience

Video facilitates the convenience. People prefer tasks, which takes negligible physical or mental effort. Besides, 90% of the total information our brain picks up and retains is visual. We do not easily forget something we see. Videos are making it more competitive yet facilitating the marketing.

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Email video is going to change the boring and hectic marketing plan into something interesting, something that people will enjoy and will love. And more importantly something that people will retain as being attached with them emotionally they will always remember the video and your brand.

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