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When the World Wide Web first appeared in the 1990s, I was still a High Schooler, and I didn’t care about what was going on in the real world. WEB DESIGN MISCONCEPTIONS– It was 1996 when I went to Rand Easter Show, and you could visit the cubicles that had “The Internet” on display. After I had finished my studies, I could get into the what’s and how’s.

It was as if everything happened in stages. It w******as first “YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE“. Next came “MAKE IT RESPONSIBLE ON ALL DEVICES.” Soon after, “SEO” was introduced. There will always be something. But you would think that most small business owners already know that even if your website is simple, it must look amazing! Unfortunately, in a weak economy, price is an important factor. However, if you use the cheapest web designer, your business will be overlooked and suffer irreparable damage.

Some things are more appealing to us as visual creatures than others. Offers, colors – it seems like I am constantly repeating this. But your Marketing should be considered the face of your business. When people search for a product or service, the first thing they see is your Marketing, and it shouldn’t look “Great“. Let’s face it, regardless of your service, there is always Competition. If you don’t get business, then your Competition is.

These are the Top 10 Reasons Clients Will Not Consider Using Your Business– ‘WEB DESIGN MISCONCEPTIONS’

1. WordPress or Wix is Included in your Website URL.

You’re right. Websites that look like this or Immediately, I know you attempted to build your website. There is nothing wrong with learning how to build a website. However, if people are willing to pay for a unique URL to your site, such as, you are already one step behind. As I always say, research is key to your success. Asking a professional and offering to pay for lunch is a great tip.

2. Gmail is the end of your Business Email. Similar argument. Look for a legitimate, growing business if you want to succeed.

3. Use Images for No Purpose

You are “judging” websites when you land on them. This is how you decide if the company will get you what you want. All of this is relevant, depending on your goals. However, if a website has a huge image that dominates the page with no call to action or relevance, then what? Your site must entice the “new possible client“. In 0.5 seconds, the average user will decide whether to use you or not. It would help if you made every effort to convince users that your product or service is worth their time.

4. What Type of Images do You Use?

Your Product or Service should be displayed in the images, and the images chosen should relate to your message. If there are no examples of such crazy deals being sold before, you can’t say “Crazy” or “Best Deals“.

5. Too Much-Unutilized Space

It’s not. I used to think that “less is more” meant being lazy. It boils down to balance. You can have all your beers, but once you start seeing the results in your body size…that’s your problem! Get your beer. But, get some exercise!

6. Too Much-Used Space

Fonts are always a good indicator. It can appear “lopsided” or feel squashed by its block, and it lacks consistency. The text is left-aligned, then it’s right-aligned and centered. This is how we balance as designers. If negative space is used correctly, it only works!

7. Shadows, Glows, and Emboss

When I first started designing, many, many years back, I used bevel-and-emboss on everything! Everything “glowed“. WEB DESIGN MISCONCEPTIONS : It gave it a shiny, new look. But it also shows that the designer was in his 90s. Your designer is just starting as a freelancer or b.

8. Terrible Layout

Things are falling, floating, two columns then 3, oh, and this image! This image is great! Bad alignment. This brings us back to the top. Your website must look attractive and seductive to attract new users.

9. It’s a Template.

Although templates simplify the Web Design process, the problem is that many consumers assume it’s easier than ever to create a website. However, it’s not that easy – not if you hire an expert. The problem with using an inexperienced web designer is that they copy and paste…and in a world with so many wannabe designers…Unoriginality is very easy to spot.

10. The SEO trap

Google AdWords is, and Facebook is set up so that you can, with enough research, get your name out there. When someone approaches you and says, “I’m an SEO Expert“, search for their keywords first. If you tell someone that you are an SEO Expert, but your website is not on page 20 of Google, there is a problem. This simple trick can make all the difference.



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