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Women dream of a wedding to remember for a lifetime, and they want that memory to be of joy, merriment, and beauty. Part of a woman’s beauty is her beautiful hair. Like all the parts of her wedding’s embellishments, she wants her hair to shine and stand out as if she’s silently saying, “it’s my day.”

Women usually have long or medium-length hair. There are countless hairstyles available in that particular hair length category—many hair accessories, flowers, jewels, bandana headbands, etc. 

But choosing the right one for the bride becomes a tough job. Not to worry, I have brought some of the best wedding hairstyles for women with long and medium hair. 

Bridal Hairstyle For Long And Medium Hair

You will look like a queen with these bridal hairstyles mentioned below. The hairstyles in this article are best suited for women with long and medium hair. So, here are some of the best hairstyles for weddings.

Semi Bridal Medium Hairstyle

Some women prefer a clean, fresh and simple look for their wedding instead of going entirely bold with a decorative hairstyle. The semi-bridal hairstyle is excellent for those women who crave a simple bridal look. 

Who Is It For?

  • The semi-bridal hairstyle suits women with a round or oval face shape nicely. 
  • Women who are in their early 30s can wear this style to look even more gorgeous.
  • If your wedding is in the winter or spring, this hairstyle will make you look just perfect. 
  • The semi-bridal hairstyle goes well with a long gown, and you can wear it to wedding ceremonies, Christian ceremonies. 

Indian Wedding Hairstyle

The Indian wedding hairstyle is all about glamour and fashion. This medium hair wedding hairstyle is quite popular among Indian ladies for its elegant yet straightforward curl and straight hair styling. Besides, this hairstyle is effortless to attain.  

Who Is It For?

  •  Women with heart-shaped faces and oval-shaped faces will look wonderful in this hairstyle.
  • The late 20s are the best age for women to wear this hairstyle. Although slightly women can also wear this hairstyle and make themselves look pretty.
  • If you are going for an Indian hairstyle, Lehenga is the best-suited dress to compliment your hair. 
  • Both wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies are the best occasions for you to flaunt this hairstyle.

Curled Pony With With Flowers

Curled hairstyle is the manifestation of versatility and style. This particular hairstyle is best for wedding parties and looks quite attractive on ladies with medium-length hair. With some bright flowers as accessories, this easy-to-do hairstyle will make you appear stunning.

Who Is It For?

  • Women with the elongated face shape and oval face shapes will make this hairstyle work on them like magic. 
  • If you are in your early 20s and have an oval face shape, you must try this hairstyle. 
  • Wearing the Curled pony with a long gown in the winter is a great combination.
  • You can wear this hairstyle to wedding parties. 

Bridal Blowout

If you are a lady with beautiful long hair, you must take advantage of your lengthy luscious hair and flaunt the bridal blowout style. Women with voluminous hair can make this hairstyle look majestic on them. In addition, this hairstyle lets you show off the pretty hair texture of your long hair.

Who Is It For?

  • A tall woman with long voluminous hair will make this hairstyle look great on her.
  • Women in their late 20s or early 30s are best suited for this hairstyle. 
  • Oval-shaped faces are an excellent match for the bridal blowout.
  • You can wear this hairstyle at the wedding ceremony.

Side Braid Hairstyle 

The side braid is a great wedding hairstyle for both long and medium hair. Braids make your hair look versatile. If you are a fan of braids, this might be the hairstyle you will be wearing during all the wedding ceremony days. 

The hairstyle is very easy to do, and some additional accessories in between the braids will create magic on your hair. 

Who Is It For?

  • An elongated face and oval face shape are hygge best for the side braid hairstyle. 
  • Young women in their 20s can make this hairstyle suit them perfectly.
  • Lehengas are great dresses for the side braid hairstyle.
  • Wedding festivals in the monsoon season are the best time and ceremonies to wear this hairstyle. 


No matter which hairstyle you are wearing, you want to look beautiful. Different types of perms are also great options for creating that stunning hairdo. Of course, you have some other options, like an Uptight knot, twisted wedding bun, messy looking wedding hairdo. 

Did any of these hairstyles catch your attention? Please let us know which hairstyle you are wearing for the upcoming wedding ceremony.

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Partha Mondal is a technology and digital entrepreneur by profession and a passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online.


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