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When you need that last minute tool for the big project you’re about to undertake soon, look to us at EWCSWire. We’ll have the Welding Cable For Sale that you’re looking for and more! Take a look at the section of our website that is dedicated solely to welding cables! We provide welding cables in a number of different sizes. Our welding cables can easily handle any type of job they’re required for. On top of the variety of sizes we sell our cables in, they are also extremely durable. This way, you’ll not only have a great welding cable that can be used for one particular project, but one that can last you for a long time afterwards. If you’re shopping for great supplies for your trade on a budget, then your search comes to an end with us!

Take a look at our Premium Extra Flexible Welding cables! With these tools, you’ll have something that can bend through any type of shape or model, regardless of the angle you position the cable in. These were meant to take on those tasks. Since they are becoming more and more common, having flexibility in our cables becomes a completely necessary asset. With our flexible cables, you’ll have a high-quality tool that completes tasks that you wouldn’t be able to complete with the average welding cable. For a great price, you can purchase our flexible and durable welding cables on our online shop. These items range from 10 feet to as long as 250 feet. We also have the ability to customize our cables and wires to fit your exact specifications.

In addition to our premium extra flexible cables, we also sell welding cables with Llenco connectors. These cables come with both male and female Lenco LC-40 connectors. With these tools, you’ll be able to complete any task that requires that extra bit of efficiency. All of our welding cableshave been designed to be both waterproof and sunlight resistant. So whether you’re dealing with borderline flash floods, or finishing up a job in desert-like conditions, our cables will do the trick and more. We at EWCSWire look for the same qualities in a welding cable like any of our customers. As tradesmen and women ourselves, being able to find the perfect tool for the job on a budget is significantly helpful. Thankfully, our shop contributes to that cause.

Feel free to follow us on our different social media platforms that we have available! On our Facebook website, you’ll find a frequently updated page that links to a variety of different blog posts on our website. In these posts, you’ll find advice on a number of different topics, including a Knowledge Base that answers questions about your day-to-day needs when it comes to selecting tools and working on different projects. Or you can check out our products on display and in use on sites such as Pinterest. With our Pinterest account, we give users such as yourself a visual experience on the importance of tools such as welding cables, and why their use is important for the development of many different sites or items you enjoy on a daily basis.

On top of the great selection of products we have available, we’ve also got top-notch customer service waiting to answer any of your questions. If you’d like to speak to someone over the phone, reach out to us directly on our line! You can call us at (800)-262-1598, and we’ll answer your questions right away. Email is also a fantastic way to contact us. For any questions in regards to an order or potential order, send us a message at We’ll be sure to give you a detailed response as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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