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May 5, 2021. Studies show that people are treating themselves better now than ever before. While dining out, those that at one time looked at the menu and ordered one of the least expensive items are now opting for the steak dinner. Not only are consumers treating themselves better, but they are treating loved ones better and taking better care of their homes.

Experts feel that going through a pandemic that changed everything changed the way that the mind works. Instead of putting more effort into coworkers and friends, the family became more important than ever. The home was where you felt safe. Those you lived with provided companionship, love, and care. The things you surrounded yourself with took on greater importance.

Instead of buying a fragrance diffuser from a discount store, consumers would rather have a luxury fragrance diffuser with scents that flow throughout their home. Consumers want a diffuser that is functional and beautiful. When consumers cook dinner, they no longer want utensils that are just good enough; they want luxury kitchen utensils. An okay cup of coffee is not good enough now; an exceptional cup of coffee served in a stunning Turkish coffee cup is what consumers are opting to have in their home.

Even interior decorators have changed the way they style homes. Monochromatic color schemes are fading away and being replaced by color. People don’t want to look at plain white or gray anymore. They want bursts of bright colors. They don’t want boring nickel or silver; they want gold. These changes help explain the move toward Turkish inspired household items.

Those who once put work ahead of the family have changed their thinking. Now, they come home from work ready to greet their families with love and attention. The television doesn’t have as much prominence as it once did. Talking to loved ones is a greater priority than catching the next episode of a television program.

There seems to be a greater need to be kind than in the past as well. Whether it’s to family, friends, neighbors, or complete strangers, people have come to realize that everyone truly is fighting a battle. No one has a perfect life, and the phrase ‘we’re all in this together’ has a meaning that all can understand. Hopefully, some lessons that the last year has taught us will stick and people will never forget them.

Continue to surround yourself with bright, bold, luxurious Turkish dishware items, order the steak when you go out to eat, and hug the family a bit tighter when you get home from work. These are some of the lessons that people have learned, and they are great lessons. Fill your home with the items that make you smile. Rather than buying those amazing Turkish coffee cups and saving them for company, use them yourself. Use the ‘good’ towels; stop saving the special china. Every single day is special and should be celebrated. Do and buy more of what you love and spend less time doing things that don’t bring joy.

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