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Every year, millions of birds smash into glass windows, doors, and facades, killing many of them. Bird-Friendly Glass– As glass becomes a more prevalent component of external building construction, the number of birds impacted by this problem is anticipated to increase in the coming years.

As building codes become more strict across the world, architects are searching for glass solutions that are both safe and assist to decrease the danger of bird collisions while yet giving a good view. Aesthetically, such glass is superb and highly appealing. The Bird-Friendly Glass, therefore, comes into play in this circumstance. These are some of the elements that may impact birds’ willingness to use this product.

A variety of factors can cause birds to collide with glass.

The two most common reasons for birds colliding with glass are its transparency and reflection.


Birds are unable to distinguish between a reflection and the real thing. Even low-reflective glass can act as a mirror when it’s bright outside and dark inside. When coupled with specific façade designs, the reflections can create zones that are visually confusing to birds.

Information transmission

Birds do not view the glass as a barrier and attempt to fly through it when there is a straight line of sight from one window to another (e.g. walkways, corners, bus stops, or transparent wind/sound barriers), resulting in a crash.

Plants in the home may attract birds.

The design and location of a structure can have a significant impact on the risk of a collision and the effectiveness of an accident. The structure’s architecture, its position, and the surrounding environment all influence the likelihood of a collision (especially the projected height of the tree as it begins to grow).


Birds use the night sky and ambient light levels to guide their travels. Because light within buildings attracts birds, especially those with potential bird habitat, this leads to nocturnal collisions. Artificial lights, particularly upward-moving lights, can lure and catch birds, exhausting and killing them.

What are the advantages of utilizing high-quality bird-friendly glass?

Architects may now choose from many bird-friendly glass options that vary in quality and cost. According to field research and tunnel testing, the 2” by 4” standard is the most effective design choice. The horizontal axis marks must be separated by no more than two inches, and the vertical axis markers must be separated by no more than four inches. From top to bottom, these proportions are shorter and narrower than the wingspans of most flying birds. Even if birds don’t see the glass, they see the patterns as tightly spaced boundaries. Birds are less likely to try to fly through the glass as a consequence.

According to a considerable study, the most effective marks are placed on the outer surface of any building’s external part.

This surface is critical because it is the only one that is always visible, regardless of lighting conditions. Glass might appear transparent, glossy, or extremely dark depending on the lighting. As a result, in certain lighting circumstances, marks left on interior surfaces are less apparent, rendering them invisible to birds. However, many bird-friendly solutions fall into this category. Acid-etched glass, on the other hand, is unaffected by this issue.

Acid etching, unlike ceramic frit marks, creates a permanent imprint on the glass surface that does not fade or wear away over time.

Because acid-etched markers are embedded in glass, they will not deteriorate or lose their impact when exposed to the environment. During the manufacturing process, glass sheets are acid etched. If window design planning is not done effectively, a significant portion of the glass sheet may be wasted. The aim is to get as many useable slices out of each sheet as possible. By adopting these design standards, architects may stay on budget while reducing bird collisions. They utilize a multi-directional design for even greater efficiency. is an online store that sells bird-friendly sunglasses. We’ll help you select the right glass for your needs and have a team of skilled professionals double-checks the whole installation process. You may contact us at any moment if you require assistance.

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