What are Hashtags and How They Can be Beneficial?

Wondering what are hashtags and how to use them? This blog is a savior for you!! Hashtags are a word or a phrase that precedes by a sign (#), used at social media, website, and application. These hashtags are basically used for tending purpose or to highlight a specific topic. These Hashtags creates category in which you can find out the content. By using hashtag your content will be accessible to all other users interested in similar topics who search for your hashtag.

Here’s How to Use Hashtags

Brand Creation

Brands use Hashtags on Social media for promoting and Creating brand image for the users. Hashtags are really beneficial to brands for campaigning and user engagement. Creating their own hashtags and promoting customers to use the hashtag and post on Social media helps in increasing Brand Trust amongst users. Many brands Like Coca-Cola, KFC, Audi use the Hashtag campaign to increase user engagement.

Announcement of Events
If you want to promote your event or Create buzz during Event then Hashtag campaigns is a great way. This method is used in the events like Music Festival, Conference, sports, fashion, Corporate events etc. Event Marketers also use Social Aggregator or Hashtag aggregator which curate all social media feeds via Hashtag and Display on Digital Screen. This Drive User Engagement and make your Event happening.

E-commerce Marketing
Online Shopping Sites or E-commerce Sites require the most of these hashtags as they require user-generated content and high conversion rate. By the use of Social media, they can achieve this target for this their campaign must reach out to the correct audience group or the potential customers that will ensure the growth of the product at a rapid pace.

Social Cause 
Social Events Like NGO, nonprofit or charities are using hashtag campaign for fundraising, animal rescue or any other Social cause. This helps them to reach out to maximum viewers and intrigue the audience to help for the noble cause. Campaigns Like #MakeAWish #Metoo #ShareYourEars of Disney parks have gained huge response from the audience and benefited the Society.

Social Trends

In the past few years, social media has evidently been the industry that is absolutely dynamic and very frequently changing. Nevertheless, the factors behind the instability are not constant as well. It can either be an innovative invention or an age-old idea which suddenly gains popularity; that bring a whole new trend in the field of social media marketing.

So in this year, there are five trends that are supposed to dominate the field of social media marketing. The first game changer will be Live Video Content. In the last year, video marketing content has been a lot appreciated and demanded by the audience. In this context, where Vlogs and promotional videos did a quite good job, there were still innovations needed. Thus, live video streaming became the source of most authentic video content that can be used for promotion and branding purposes. Virtual Reality is expected to be the next big thing. Though it is still fresh in the field of marketing it is expected to attain popularity in the coming time. Virtual reality is a strong way to convey your business ideas in the most interactive and creative manner. Therefore, generating video content through virtual reality can prove out to be an amazingly profitable marketing strategy for a business. Social walls are also a part of the trendsetter list. Social walls have turned out to be very popular and useful for the purpose of creating an impeccable social media presence of businesses, in countries like the USA. Various Businesses in India, especially travel, event, hospitality businesses are also using social walls to attain the purpose of creating a virtual movement on various social media networks. Hence, increasing their outreach and improvising on the aspect of audience engagement. Other than these, E-commerce activities through social media will also be an active trend. Certain social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Etc. have already embedded this feature in their applications, and many others are expected to do so too. Furthermore, a massive shift of social networks to social networking can also be seen, resulting in excessive release of social messaging applications by various brands. Expanding messaging for client administration is more adaptable and financially savvy for organizations, and by giving a superior ordeal to the client, brands can tackle their issues rapidly and hold them all the more effectively.

Hope we have now explained what are hashtags and what are hashtags used for, comment if you have any query!


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