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Your health is the most important when it comes to living a normal and happy life. But, some individuals do not give it that much importance which eventually creates trouble for them in the future. Even a problem of headache should not be ignored at any cost because it may be a sign of something serious. You might not know but there are some important signs which tell you that you need to schedule an immediate consultation with the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana. You should not neglect your health at any cost, otherwise, you will end up having a serious health concern. So, you need to get yourself checked by the experienced Neurosurgeon In Punjab without any delay.


Top signs that you should not ignore the headache

Headaches are common but if it is frequent then it should not be ignored as it might point to something serious. There are certain cases that points to the fact that you need to consult a neurologist like:


  • Frequent intake of headache medications

If you are someone who has frequent headaches, then you are likely to have medications to get some relief. But, this is telling that you have some serious health issues. It is important to understand that intake of over-the-counter medications for too long can make the headache worse.


Why should you not take headache medication in excess?

If you are doing that, then you should stop right away. This is because it is increasing your chances of kidney, liver, and stomach damage. In case, you have frequent headaches then schedule a neurologist appointment. Specifically, if you have to take medications 5 or more days in one month, it is a sign of a medical emergency.


  • Not able to do the daily activities

You should schedule an appointment with a neurologist if your headache is extremely disabling. This means you are not able to do any of the work with ease. In addition, you simply prefer to lie down when you have a headache. So, if your headache is stopping your life then you need to consult a neurologist.


  • Pain on another area

In case, your headache is leading to pain in one or another area, then you need to schedule a consultation with the neurologist. It is possible to experience other symptoms like:

  • Light & Sound Sensitivity
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Weakness or Numbness

All these are major concerns as they do not point out the fact that this condition is normal.


Consult the best neurologist at the earliest

So, if you are noticing these symptoms or your headache is making your health worse, then you need to schedule an initial consultation with the neurologist. Your health is a window to your soul and body, so neglecting it at any cost means you are inviting other health issues. Therefore, you need to schedule an initial consultation with the neurologist and get yourself tested to understand what is the main concern.

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