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So, you have been recently told that you can undergo Lasik surgery in Punjab. No doubt, undergoing the treatment will give you a clear and better vision. But, when you visit the Eye Hospital Punjab you will be told about the necessary ways you have to prepare yourself. In this article, we have mentioned that in detail for you.

  • Increase water consumption

You need to drink enough water before the surgery or as told by the doctor. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you heal faster after the surgery. Keeping your eyes lubricated is extremely important as with this surgery there is one major complication i.e. dry eyes. You can download an app or get yourself a water bottle that has a proper label of the liters you have consumed in one day. If you are not sure about how much you need to consume, then you should ask the doctor as they are always there to advise you.

  • Do not wear the eye lens as told by the doctor

Before the surgery, the doctor will tell you about when you need to stop wearing the contact lenses. You must stop wearing them at least one week before the surgery (soft contacts) and one month (hard cataracts). It is important to rest the eyes properly and you should prefer to wear the glasses for some time before the surgery. You should consult with the doctor about the same and get yourself evaluated properly on what is best for your condition.

  • Wear a comfortable outfit

While going for the surgery, you must wear a comfortable outfit. As you will be awake during the surgery, wearing comfortable & loose clothes are important. In addition, you need to avoid wearing clothes that produce lint so you should not wear clothes that produce faux fur or don’t wear any clothes which shed.

  • Ask someone to drive you back

During the surgery, the doctor will instill numbing eye drops which help your eye muscles to relax. This way, you won’t feel any pain while getting the LASIK. So, the doctor advises you to not drive after the LASIK Surgery. In most cases, the patients are allowed to drive the next day. But, it is better to do that only when your doctor has given you the green signal.

  • Check the paperwork

It is important you check the paperwork thoroughly and do not signify that without checking the entire document. In case, there are some doubts then you should clear it with the doctor.

  • Do not wear jewelry, makeup, or perfumes

While going for the surgery, you should not wear any type of heavy makeup, lotion, or perfumes. It is better that you take a hot shower so that your face is properly cleaned. In addition, you should not wear any type of perfume on the day of surgery.

So, this way your surgery will go with ease and you will have the best eye vision. If you have any doubt, then make sure to consult with the doctor.

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