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Disposable phone numbers are virtual, convenient phone numbers that go a long way to protect your privacy and prevent you from giving out your real number. They can be used to receive SMS verification codes from a range of sites including but not limited to Facebook, Tinder and beyond. Depending on what country’s phone number you’d like, you have a range of options available through qualified disposable number providers.

On the flip side, in this day and age where digital hackers and scammers can con anyone, it makes sense to be smart in limiting who gets access to your personal number.

A disposable phone number can be used as a way to protect your privacy and limit accessibility to your personal information. When you give your number out to random websites or to someone you barely know, you run the risk of getting tracked and hacked.

A virtual or fake phone numbercan come in handy when you find yourself under circumstances that may expose your identity. Situations like online shopping, creating social accounts, going on blind dates, quick online identity verifications, or one-time deals are all situations that can put you at risk.

Understandably, cautious people use a disposable phone number mainly for protection. It may be uncomfortable for you to give out your number when asked, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Investing in a disposable phone number can solve your dilemma while keeping you safe and spam-free.

A temporary or fake phone number can easily be accessed through an app. While it’s true that these numbers could also be used for deceitful purposes, mainly they act as a solution for those who want to have a layer of protection in their transactions and meetings, online and in real life. Or for those who want to verify various social media sites through SMS.

Prudence and Protection

Disposable numbers may be a subject for debate but there is no doubt about their practical uses in our digital world.

For one, users can avoid unpleasant situations like identity theft and websites that resell your personal information. They can also protect sensitive information linked to their personal number, and avoid being spammed or tracked by businesses that disregard other people’s sense of privacy.

How to Use Them

These numbers work just like burner phones do.  As mentioned, they’re easy to acquire and you can get as many numbers as you need. Best of all? At the click of a button, you can delete the number you used and it can never be traced back to you.

There are several quality sites dedicated to the creation of different fake numbers at the convenience of the user. The process and features may vary slightly, but the common steps include choosing a number, choosing the country where you want to receive the SMS, and then have the website send the SMS Verification code to your disposable number.

These temporary numbers are not only convenient, safe, and reliable but they’ll also provide you with a sense of security over the Internet. Don’t wait until it’s too late to safeguard your personal information. Keep your number safe by trying out a fake phone number today.


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