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Durgashtami, also known as Shuklashtami, is a festival dedicated to Goddess Durga, a fierce form of Shakti, the consort of Shiva, one of the trinities in Hinduism. It falls on the 8th day of the waxing Moon, 12 times a year. The most important one is the Durga ashtami in October celebrated during Durga Pooja or Navaratri. Devotees fast and worship Durga to remove their sins and obstacles in life and to bless them with success in all endeavors. Durga punishes the evil and blesses those who do good deeds. Flowers, Bilva leaves, fruits, and even wine is offered to Durga by Tantriks (practitioners of Tantra). Devotees observe fasting the entire night and break the fast the next morning after performing Durga Pooja.

How Planets Help Receive The Blessings Of The Day?

Durgashtami is falling on Sunday this month, when the day Lord Sun is in Scorpio and in the success bringing Anuradha Nakshatra (ruled by Saturn), which has Radhana Shakti, the ability to achieve anything through discipline and devotion. The Sun is with Ketu, the planet of wisdom, which is in the highly intellectual Jyestha Nakshatra (ruled by Mercury). So, if we pray to Goddess Durga today, we can get both spiritual and material success, name and fame (Solar traits) due to our intelligence and wisdom.

The Moon is in Shatabisha Nakshatra (ruled by Rahu), which has Bheshaja shakti, that is also known as the 100 physicians and fortunate star of the king. Since Rahu is also exalted in Taurus, if we pray to Durga today, we can get immense mental courage, name, fame, and authority. Prayers to Durga today can bring us immense peace of mind, mental clarity, and stability. She can bless us with wealth, progeny, success and luck increases thousand fold. Another excellent celestial event is that today – Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and both are in Uttarashada, the invincible Nakshatra of the Sun. This means that if we pray to Goddess Shakti today, she can keep away all evil from your life and bless with longevity, courage, victory, and happiness.

Mantras Of Goddess Durga And Guru To Be Chanted At Least 108 Times

Om Sri Durgaaya Namaha

Meaning – I bow to Goddess Durga (the divine consort of Shiva)

Om Kaatyayanaaya Vidhmahey Kanyaakumaari deemahi, tanno Durgihi prachodayaat

Meaning – I meditate on Kaatyaayani (Durga), and the Goddess at Kanyakumari (Durga), who is the ruler of the physical, mental and spiritual realms. May her light illuminate us.

Om Sri Suryaaya Namaha

Meaning – I bow to the Sun (Surya).


  • Observe fasting if health permits, consume only milk and fruits if needed
  • Feed the poor and needy
  • Meditate and chant the above mantras
  • Distribute jaggery to priestly people
  • Chant the Durgashtakam and Gayatri Mantra
  • Wear yellow colored clothes and sandalwood tilak on forehead
  • Respect elders at home


  • Do not disrespect your elders, parents, Gurus, teachers, and mentors
  • Do not hurt anyone physically or mentally
  • Refrain from any negative thoughts or deeds
  • Do not consume alcohol or non-vegetarian food

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