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The school nurse plays an important role in the seamless provision of comprehensive health services to children and youth. Growing numbers of students enter schools with chronic health conditions that need management during the school day. This policy statement represents the role of the school nurse in serving as a team member in implementing preventive services, interventions, early identification of problems, and referrals to foster health and educational success. 

To optimally care for children, ongoing education preparation, and appropriate staffing levels, of school nurses are essential representatives for success. Instructions are offered to facilitate the working relationship between the school nurse and the child’s medical home. This statement has been approved by the National Association of School Nurses. Nowadays Nurse at home in Hyderabad are also serving best services who are injured with seer health problem.

What Is The Role Of School Nurse?

The roles are overarching and apply to school nurses at all levels of work, in all geographic settings, and with all clients. The school nurse provides personal care to students. The school nurse implements care for injuries and severe illness for all students and long-term management of students with specific health care needs. Responsibilities include evaluation and treatment within the scope of professional nursing training, communication with parents, referral to physicians, and provision or supervision of designated nursing care.

 An individualized health care program is developed for students with chronic conditions, and when appropriate, an emergency plan is produced to manage potential emergent events in the school setting (e.g., asthma, diabetes). Ideally, this health plan is arranged with the management plan guided by the child’s paediatrician and regularly updated through close communication. This school nurse is responsible for the management of this program and communication about the plan to all relevant school personnel. 

The school nurse has a different role in provision of school health services for children with particular health needs, including children with chronic illnesses and injuries of various degrees of severity. Children with special health requirements are included in the regular school classroom setting as approved by federal and state laws. 

As ahead of the school health team, the school nurse must estimate the student’s health status, recognize the health problems that may create a barrier to educational progress, and develop a health care plan for the management of the issues in the school setting. The school nurse ensures that the student’s individualized health care plan is part of the individualized education plan (IEP), when appropriate and that both programs are developed and implemented with full team participation, which includes the student, family, and paediatrician.

The school nurse presents leadership for the provision of health services. As the health care specialist within the school, the school nurse judges the overall system of care and develops a plan for assuring that health needs are met. Responsibilities include improvement of plans for responding to emergencies and disasters and confidential information and documentation of student health information. Along with this school nurse there are also Home care agencies in Hyderabad to provide services.

The school nurse produces screening and referral for health conditions. Health screenings can reduce the harmful effects of health problems on education by identifying students with potential underlying medical issues shortly and referring them for treatment as appropriate. Quick identification, referral to the medical home, and use of proper community resources promote optimal outcomes. Screening includes but is not restricted to vision, hearing, and BMI assessments (as determined by local policy).

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