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For starters, the Amazon FBA program means compliance by Amazon. This is a service that Amazon provides to allow online and offline sellers to ship their products to Amazon, and Amazon will package and ship the products to individual customers on their behalf. You may not know how big the Amazon market is if you don’t visit it regularly. They have come a long way from simply selling books to selling almost anything.

You can also sell products on Amazon and not use their FBA service, so you ship your own products, but there are many benefits to using the FBA system, which will free you up time and provide a more automated business solution.

It really is a similar service that other direct chargers provide, but Amazon has its own products at one of its distribution centers. The service will ship your products anytime, anywhere on your behalf. This system can be further integrated with your website to create a virtually fully automated system for shipping your products to Amazon and for Amazon to ship them to customers. Service costs are very competitive, and you only pay for actual storage and shipments, at Amazon discount rates, they don’t charge a fee to use the system.

So why should you consider using the Amazon system?

These are some of the key points of the FBA system:

-You can sell almost anything on Amazon, or through your own website and have them packaged and shipped.
-Automating your website with Amazon Account Management means that the business can run on autopilot, and it can take a while if you want, and your business still works.
-Send all your shares to Amazon and they will take care of everything, all you have to do is collect your profits.
-Amazon is now beating eBay in Alexa for traffic, they are a major competitor to eBay.
-Some eBay sellers are using Amazon FBA to ship products sold through eBay.

To learn how to start using this system and create online income streams, you can read all about it at They provide all the basic information to get you started. You can sell pretty much anything like I said before. For example, in addition to books, Amazon has eBay-like categories that cover just about anything you can think of for home, garden, office, clothing, sports, etc.

Thanks to the FBA program and the massive traffic that Amazon generates, you can create an Amazon web store, find products to sell, and launch an online business very quickly with the tools they provide. It is probably one of the easiest ways to start an online business today.

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