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With the advancement in technology, today software has become too reliant on hardware. So, every now and then, you need to clean your computer and get rid of the clutter. If you don’t optimize or improve the life of your PC, it may infect your system and leave it dead.

You must prevent viruses, bugs, and malware from infecting your system and critical data. To get rid of the clutter, you need to use computer cleaner software. But there are many PC optimization software available in the market and you must take stock of each one.

Don’t worry, we are doing that task for you, and you can find the best free system cleaner in this article.

Let’s get started.

There are a couple of free computer clean-up tools available in the market but CCleaner is the best.

CCleaner – it is a system optimization, privacy, and cleaning tool that is used to remove unwanted files from the system. Once the cleaning process is completed, you will feel the snappiness in the windows environment.

Apart from freeing up hard disk space, it also cleans your online traces including your internet activities and temporary files. And the best part is that CCleaner takes only a second to run the check and clean your system. It has some of the best features you can get from a free clean-up tool. It does not contain any spyware or adware to trouble you in the future. That is why you must download the CCleaner app from the official website.

If you are unable to find the official website CCleaner, log on to and find the relevant articles. They will guide you to the correct domain to open the CCleaner website and download the tool. So, go ahead and head over to the Get Assist technology blog and learn more about CCleaner.

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