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Whenever the couple is unable to conceive with the natural procedure, then taking the help of the ART procedure is one of the wisest decisions. The ART journey always commences with the initial consultation with the fertility experts of the IVF centre in Punjab. Usually, a lot of the questions are asked by the couples during this time like test tube baby cost, eligibility to take up the ART procedure and a lot more. Based on which procedure the doctor suggests the couple to take up, the couple is sure to ask “In which situations do you usually suggest to undergo this procedure?”


For our today’s article, we have chosen an interesting topic:

Why take up IUI?


Before we get to know about the reasons why the couple should take up the IUI procedure, it is very important to know what exactly is the IUI procedure.



IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. In this procedure, the specially chosen sperms are directly injected into the eggs to make them fertilized.


Usually, people understand the nature of the procedure by comparing it with the IVF procedure:


If it is about the IVF procedure, then the eggs from the ovaries and the sperms from the semen sample are extracted. The eggs are then fertilized with the chosen sperms and the resulting embryo is placed in the uterus.


But when we’re talking about the IUI procedure, then the eggs are not extracted from the ovaries. The sperms which are extracted from the semen sample are injected into the eggs directly (WITHOUT EXTRACTION)


So let us have a glance at some of the situations in which the couples must consider taking up the IUI treatment


Mild endometriosis

Mild endometriosis is the problem in which the tissues which are present in the lining of the uterus start growing outside of the uterus. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the women to conceive.


Mucus hostility

If, because of the vaginal infections and the presence of the bacteria, your mucus comes out to be hostile, then you may face difficulty in letting the sperm penetrate the thickened layer of the egg. The IUI procedure is best suited in such cases.


Ovulation problems

The fertility experts always suggest taking up the IUI procedure if the conception is not possible because of ovulation problems or disorders.


Low sperm count

If sperms are not being produced in the desired amounts, and those produced are not rough to fertilize the eggs, then the IUI procedure helps the chosen sperms to penetrate the eggs.


Retrograde ejaculation

If the male partner is suffering from ejaculation problems and because of that it is not possible for the sperm to fertilize the egg, then IUI aims at extracting the sperm from the reproductive tract and directly injecting in the eggs to fertilise the same.


Bottom Line

If you have found the above-mentioned information useful and want to know more such aspects as far as the other ART procedures are concerned, then please let us know.

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