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Hand sanitizer history 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that “if soap and water are not readily accessible, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol when it comes to preventing coronavirus spread.”  If you want to buy a hand sanitizer you can opt to buy hand sanitizer online.

And that’s hand sanitizer’s main ingredient: alcohol. Some hand sanitizers contain 60 to 95% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol combined with water and gels such as glycol and glycerin to prevent users from drying out hands. This sanitizing drug is usually sold under brand names in a hand gel or liquid spray. 

Yet the exact sources of hand sanitizer are up for debate, but since the late-1800s least alcohol has been in use as an antiseptic.

Lupe Hernandez is the inventor of the hand sanitizer in Bakersfield, California, 1966 since physicians have little time until treating patients with alcohol and cream for the access to soap and warm water.

Now in this year, 2020 hand sanitizers are very important to the people because of a coronavirus which has been growing day by day with more deaths.

By using hand sanitizers you can get some relief from germs that are passing through one to another. Not only persons but few offices and shops and hospitals are also using hand sanitizers as a safety measure.

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However, the Smithsonian Institution historian Joyce Bedi’s recent investigation was unable to turn up any trace of Hernandez, or any evidence of a 1960s U.S. hand sanitizer patent under that name. 

When it hit European shelves in 1965, there was also Sterillium, which Hartmann claims was “the world’s first marketable alcohol-based hand disinfectant.” It’s made of glycerin and 75% alcohol. 

Others still go back to Goldie and to Jerry Lippman, the married couple who in 1946 invented a waterless rubber plant cleaner who usually used harsh chemicals such as kerosene and benzene at the end of their shifts for cleaning graphite and carbon black from their hands.

The drug they named Gojo (a portmanteau of their names) is a combination of petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and less than 5% alcohol that car mechanics and other workers still use today to scrub off substances such as grease and oil. 

According to The New Yorker, Lippman’s first Gojo samples were poured into a washing machine in Akron, Ohio’s parent basement, where the couple stayed at the period. The resulting item was set in pickle jars and sold out. 

Gojo has continued to market its products as industrial cleaners in the next decades. Then in 1988, Purell ‘s hand gel was invented, consisting of 70 percent ethyl alcohol and propylene glycol as its main ingredient.

While Purell now is the world’s best-selling hand sanitizer, it took shops a while to deliver the medication most customers did not even ask for every day. In 1997 Gojo took Purell to the consumer industry. 

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Yet the hand sanitizer is also not uncontroversial. While Americans recently scanned supermarket shelves in search of hand sanitizers and other disinfectants, health officials shot Purell-maker Gojo. 

In January, Gojo received a letter warning that they had made unsubstantiated safety claims for the hand sanitizing products of the company.

The FDA quoted several ads by Purell claiming that the medicinal drug removes “99.9 percent of diseased germs” and praises Purell as effective in removing infectious diseases such as measles, ebola, noroviruses, etc.

Although health officials have undoubtedly gained alcoholic hand sanitizers over the past two decades, they still maintain strongly that daily soap and water washing your hands is the best way to avoid germs. You can also buy hand sanitizer with pump.

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