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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is an online multiplayer game. It is nearly the exact opposite of the initial game which was played offline and only involves a single player. The game revolves around the roles of plants in defending humans against invasions by the zombies.

Generally, players take control of either of the two options: plants or the zombies during the battle and struggle for various multiplayer and cooperative styles. Once the match comes to an end and the objectives are realized, the players are awarded coins which they can use to buy stickers. The stickers are often used to unlock personalization products as well as character variants.

Three reasons why it is completely different

• You cannot earn XP. In most of the shooters, getting expertise points is often the prime method of getting the next level. However, you earn do not earn XP whatsoever. In order to advance to the next level, you must get through a certain challenge successfully. What is more, the game sticks strictly to the latest shooter template as far as gameplay is concerned. For instance, the plant team, as well as the zombies, have dissimilar classes which are to some extent comparable such games such as Battlefield 4.
• Absence of singleplayer mode. Some games are commonly known due to their powerful and competitive multiplayer aspects. However, they as well take into consideration individuals who may prefer playing solo. That is why they include a single story mode and still will still be a completely multiplayer affair. Some good examples include the call of duty and battlefield. In contrast, garden warfare is strictly a single story mode, a completely multiplayer affair.
• The in-game store operates in a similar way as a collective card game. In the in-game store, you will acquire defensive plants to use while in the Garden Ops horde or for different classes of plants and zombies. This is also the main difference between this game and other shooters. In other games, you earn or submit payments for certain products in the corresponding stores, in Garden Warfare the process is randomized by means of a collectible card-like mechanism of packs.

If you acquire a card, you are provided with an assortment of cards randomly. This would either involve defensive plants, the stickers required for collection in order to unravel class variants, or perhaps other gear. Each pack will consist of some rare cards, though it is also possible to pay for quite expensive packs which will warrant better quite lucrative types of cards. You will be required to use the in-game currency to acquire the card packs. The currency is obtained from playing the game.

Features of plants vs. zombies

• Multiplayer oriented. The games have a number of competitive as well as cooperative playing modes, you only have to choose and master the shades of a different playable character.
• Highly customized. In each score and a successful victory, you are awarded coins to be incurred on sticker packs which unlock other load-outs as well as the playable characters. You will be able to unlock more if keep playing. This way you will be able to dominate effectively the neighborhood.
• Free updates. The action in the game keeps on developing new content. The following are the two main updates since the game was launched:

a) Suburbination. The Suburbination mode will help get a master over competitors where the zombies and plants struggle for control of the whole capture points. The plants demand them due to fertile soil while the zombies require them because of the fertile brains they have. It also features a crash course map, as extra garden Ops chiefs as well as the community-developed Plasma Pea Shooter Variant.
b) Legends of the Lawn. You are at liberty to remain with the capture the flag. But then why should you stick to that when you can also play capture the taco? Play capture the taco where plants are tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the grilled tacos. On the contrary, the zombies are tasked with the responsibility of stealing them. In addition, you will be entitled with seven additional character variants as well as more than 200 personalization items.

Plants vs. Zombies will help you acknowledge the appearance and the feel of the whole Garden Warfare. It is very impressive, watching the still locations right from the emerging lane defense. As we earlier mentioned, Plants vs. Zombies does not involve the single-player aspect. You should be prepared enough to be among the majority. It is important to also know that there is no training ground. Besides, each individual has own style of play, more so on the multiplayer shooters. If you have a specific style of play already in mind, determine the plants and zombies types that are perfect for you.

It is also possible to play plants vs. zombies on your pc. Even though it is an Android-based game, you can effectively play it on your PC. I know you are wondering how that can be possible. Well, there are so many emulators that simulate the Android OS. They are available online for free.

The two most common ones include Bluestacks and KOPLAYER. Download either of them on your PC. You will be required to sign in with your PC. But once you are there, you will see the Play Store. Click it and search for the game. Download and launch it. You can then play plants vs. zombies 2 on your computer and have fun.


Plants vs. Zombies has a lot of attractive features. In fact, it can turn out to be very addictive. Its competitive nature makes it even more appealing.

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