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Image annotations and data labeling of images is used to create the training data sets for machine learning and AI. Actually, the visual perception based AI models need the annotated images to make the various things recognizable to machine through computer vision technology.

Use of Image Annotations in AI

The use of image annotations is machine learning is basically to make the object of interest recognizable to machines through computer vision. And with different types of image annotation techniques as per the requirements of the visual perception model’s training data sets.

And not only the object detection, but image annotation is also used to recognize, classify and segment the objects in the single class. And different types of image annotation techniques helps to recognize, classify and segment the objects for accurate detection of such things to machines.       


The use of image annotation is mainly done for the AI models like self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles, robotics, autonomous flying objects and various other automated machines. The popular image annotation techniques are bounding box, polygon annotation, 3D cuboid annotation for object detection dimension, polyline annotation, landmark annotation and semantic segmentation etc.       

Use of Data Labeling in Machine Leaning

Just like image annotation data labeling is also used to make the things understandable to AI based models. In data labeling the metadata is added with notes to make the certain things comprehensible to machine learning algorithms. Data labeling is basically done for language or voice based machine learning algorithms to develop the models like Chatbot, Virtual Assistant and Automated Boots.

However, in images, labeling is apart from annotation, adding the inputs or metadata to the objects to make it more comprehensible with detection. Data labeling can be done in the multiple language as per the model’s algorithm compatibility and requirements. And both types of task is done by the data annotation company also involved in image annotation services for deep learning & machine learning.

Cogito is the well-known data annotation company with the expertize in image annotation provides the world-class annotation services for deep learning and machine learning based AI models. It can annotate and label any kind of data as per the customize requirements with best level of accuracy. Cogito can produce the huge quantity of training data with scalable solution and flexibility at lowest pricing.   


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Cogito is the industry leader in data labeling and annotation services to provide the training data sets for AI and machine learning model developments. All types of AI and ML services requires the training data for algorithms with next level of accuracy making AI possible into diverse fields like healthcare, gaming, agriculture, retail, automotive, robotics and security surveillance etc.

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