What leads to Car Accidents?

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death around the country. Every day, hundreds and thousands of people die in automobile accidents on the roads. Also, being involved in a car accident can lead to different treatments being required. These would lead to the pile-up of a big medical bill. Now not everyone would be able to afford this with ease, and it would become a significant burden on the victim and his family. 

Common causes

Automobile accidents occur due to a variety of factors. The most common cause is the negligence of road safety. This involves several other causes like speeding, driving under the influence, etc. Also, sometimes accidents occur due to a variety and a combination of these reasons. Some common causes are-

  1. Speeding- One of the leading causes of car accidents, speeding can be as fatal as it seems tempting. When everyone seems to be in a hurry to get to their destinations, it is essential to understand that the legal speed limits are set, keeping in mind a lot more factors than you can think. The faster a vehicle travels, the harder it becomes to control it and slow down in case of an obstacle on the road. Moreover, in addition to it being one of the leading causes of accidents, speeding is probably the most common cause of fatal accidents on the road. It would be wise to remember this.
  2. Drunk Driving- Another major cause of car accidents, drunk driving, becomes all the more common around weekends and holidays. As people get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, their ability to drive takes a hit. Alcohol affects the response time of a person and hampers the concentration required to operate. As a result, even a small quantity of alcohol can increase the risk of a road accident by a considerable margin. Also though it seems grim, it is one of the most easily preventable causes. Only one thing is to be kept in mind, never to drive when you’re drinking. It is much better to call a cab instead.
  3. Bad roads- No matter how good a driver you are, if the road infrastructure is terrible, sometimes there may be nothing a person can do. Potholes on the road are one such cause. They force a driver to fundamentally change lanes, which can be quite a risk in a high-speed zone. Another reason could be how the roads handle water and rain. When the visibility on the street is already low in these cases, it becomes all the more imperative that the right roads can maintain the essential friction levels and do not lead to skidding.
  4. Distracted driving- This is perhaps the most common cause of road accidents. Over the years, it has gotten significantly worse. Drivers who are texting or speaking over the phone is a ubiquitous sight these days. People might also be eating or drinking a beverage. But this directly impacts the attention that a person requires to drive. With such distractions around, a mishap is merely waiting to happen.
  5. Driver characteristics- Even with everything else being okay, sometimes a driver just might be too fatigued to drive. Proper rest is also essential between long drives as it is a tiring activity. A well-rested and focused driver is a safe driver.

What can you do?Suppose you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, the best option after that is to keep your cool and get legal help. Automobile accident lawyers in Miami are experts who handle such cases professionally and, more often than not, can get you the best compensation possible. As a victim, there are several things procedurally that you can and cannot do. Automobile accident lawyers in Miami help you navigate the complex maze and make you understand your rights in the best manner possible. After that, you get to decide what is best for yourself.


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