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Menstrual cups gained buzz only recently. These silicone cups are a safer alternative to conventional products like pads and tampons. But what is the need of replacing the pads with these cups? How are they more advantageous? Read to find out more about these miraculous cups.

The amount of waste generated due to sanitary products is alarmingly huge. Finding an eco-friendly alternative that does not create as much landfill waste is important when we are talking day in and out about the need to move towards a more sustainable way of living. This is why you should look into the menstrual cup price in India and find a product that is suitable for you.

What are menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are small cups made up of rubber or silicone. They work by trapping all the menstrual fluid, which you can empty later.

You do not have to worry about it falling off as it seals against the walls of the vagina after you fold it and insert it in.

Relevance in rural India

You might think that menstrual cups are only being used by women in urban cities. While it is completely true that there are a lot of women in rural India still struggle with menstrual hygiene, some organizations are now working towards popularizing menstrual cups in the villages. There are several advantages that using a menstrual cup brings to them. It only requires to be bought once, thus saving the expense of buying pads every month. The absence of facilities to change and dispose of used pads in the rural setting also makes cups a much more convenient alternative.

Advantages of menstrual cups

Here are some advantages of using menstrual cups that are sure to make your life much better.

  • Cost-effective- Most women menstruate for around 40 years. These cups remain functional for more than five years which significantly reduces the total amount you spend on them. It is far lower than what you spend on expensive pads every month.
  •  Eco-friendly- Since it considerably reduces the amount of waste generated, menstrual cups are far more sustainable. The silicone used in its production is biodegradable and causes no harm to the environment.
  • Lasts for a long time- When you buy online menstrual cup, you are set for more than five years. It can save the hassle of buying tampons and pads every month.
  • Convenient- Unlike pads, these cups are quite convenient and do not affect your mobility at all. You can go on about your daily activities without worrying about your period ruining it.
  • Keeps the stains away- Leaking during menstruation is another major cause of concern for women. While it is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, it is still better to have a product that does not allow leakage. 
  • Reusable- You can use a cup for up to six hours at a time. After that, empty it and wash once before inserting it again.
  • Good for working women- If you are a working woman, menstrual cups are a blessing in disguise for you. You do not have to fret about frequently changing it since the cup can hold the fluid for several hours.
  • Safe- You might have heard about cases of toxic shock that happen when the tampon remains in your body for too long. Similarly, using a pad for too long can lead to severe infections. This problem disappears with a menstrual cup due to its better holding capacity. These cups are also free of harmful chemicals that are present in pads and tampons.

While it may take you a few tries to perfect the technique of inserting the cups, the advantages outweigh any slight discomfort that you might experience initially.

It is normal to have reservations about switching to something you have never used before. Breaking old habits and stepping out of the comfort zone is challenging and takes some time, but it is a necessity. Give yourself some time to adjust after you buy online menstrual cup, to get comfortable. Once you get the hang of it, it will turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever made- both personally and for the environment.

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