What to Think About Before You Buy Gas Fireplaces Online

The weather has turned colder, and you’re in the market for heating that also doubles as a stylish upgrade to your room. That may leave you with the question: how do people Buy Gas Fireplaces online? Four crucial topics must be addressed before shopping for or deciding on which product is best for you and your home.

You’ve made this big decision to buy a gas fireplace, but you’re a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available on the market. At Embers Living, we’ve found one of the more often made mistakes is choosing the fireplace for style before functionality. Of course, you want your new piece to look amazing, but you also don’t want to overpower the style of your room.

Maybe you choose to talk to a local interior designer, or you sketch out the room with the fireplace in place to see just how much space it will take up. Taking up too much space may look gaudy and ruin the look and feel you’re going for.

BTUs for the Space
BTUs may not seem like the most critical factor when you buy gas fireplaces online, but you need to choose based on the power of heat radiating from the unit. Just like air conditioners, gas fireplaces and their effect on heating a specific room size are measured in BTUs. BTUs typically run in parallel with room size. A 5,000 BTU gas fireplace may warm one small to medium-size room in your home, so installing a 15,000 BTU fireplace may have you sweating in the coldest months. The last thing you want is to make your final decision on how the unit will look in a room; only to find that it feels like a sauna even on the lowest setting.

Cost of Upkeep
Just like that fantastic looking BMW, you saw on that commercial last night; style tends to excite people enough for them to disregard the cost of ownership. For instance, just because you decided to buy that BMW for an amazing price, doesn’t mean you can easily afford to upkeep the car. Just like certain vehicles can only be serviced using specially-designed parts, the same can be said for gas fireplaces. The customer service personnel at Embers Living know our gas fireplaces by heart, so they’ll know each part that requires replacement or regular upkeep – just ask.

Type of Fuel
Before even looking at the styles and options when deciding to buy gas fireplaces online, you need to address the fuel type. Gas fireplaces tend to operate on two kinds of fuel; propane or natural gas. You want to know, before shopping, purchasing, or installing, the cost of both forms of fuel, the average amount of fuel used in your area, and the various tank styles that’ll need to be installed adjacent to your home.

At Embers Living, we offer fireplace inserts, freestanding stoves, gas log sets, and even outdoor grills and smokers, but we have to say it’s the gas fireplace that remains the most stunning of them all. It’s easy to buy gas fireplaces online based solely on how the fireplace will look or how it will complement the room, but you’ll need to take into consideration things like heating power, cost of upkeep, and fuel type. We have answers to your questions, and we’re here to provide those answers whether or not you choose Embers Living for your fireplace purchase.

You can give us call at 805-952-5440 to reach the California showroom or call 303-800-5659 for the Colorado showroom. Embers Living experts are available by phone, email, or in person if you happen to live in Templeton, California or Westminster, Colorado. So, take a look around blazingembers.com, then we can help you find the perfect fireplace for your home.

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