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If you are searching out a new mower, you can note that at the same time as there are a variety of one of a kind manufacturers of mowers, garden mower engines are typically made through one in every of a few corporations.

Most of the bigger brands of lawn mowers use engines from such agencies. Let’s have a look at some of the maximum not unusual ones.


Honda engines are used in many brands of the lawnmower, specifically in driving mowers. Honda has been making small engines for a long time and they are commonly quite reliable and efficient. Honda engines are serviced by way of almost all lawn mower sellers, which is one in all their largest benefits. You can get service almost everywhere for these engines.


Tecumseh engines are also quite famous. They’re typically used in push-in the back of mowers, as opposed to driving mowers, and they’re sized hence. Tecumseh engines are also broadly supported, however of the 3 they in all likelihood have the smallest community of repair centers. That’s now not to mention it is difficult to get service, but. While it is probably a smaller community, it’s nevertheless very large.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton are every other popular engine preference for push-behind mowers, and they are in all likelihood the maximum widely used engine in that style of a lawnmower. They have additionally been making small engines for a long time, and feature a variety of enjoyable and expertise in the marketplace.

It might seem unusual that the engines are not honestly made by the identical manufacturer as the lawnmower itself, but while it comes proper right down to it, it works to your choice. Even in case, you buy a lesser-acknowledged logo of the mower, if it makes use of any such brands of engines you are going a good way to find repair facilities for it almost anywhere.

And those restore facilities and dealers can easily get elements for the reason that engines use trendy components. If you have a mower with an off-logo engine, you can run into trouble finding parts and carrier for it, in particular as soon as it is some years vintage.

And if the enterprise who made it ever is going out of enterprise, you may be quite a lot on your own.

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