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A disposable or temporary phone number is a virtual mobile number that can only be used for a specified period of time. Because of its convenient nature, anyone can use a disposable mobile number for verification in situations where there is a privacy concern. When to Use a Disposable Phone Number, check the full article.

A temporary phone number can easily be purchased from an online service provider. Some are specifically for receiving SMS or text messages, while others are only used for calls, and some allow users to receive both. Any calls or text messages sent to the temporary number are received through an app or an online call forwarding service.

The number is usually functional for a certain period of time, depending on what its use is. Generally, temporary phone numbers are used in situations where users do not want to give out their real numbers. Whether you get phone number for Tinder or Craigslist, there are many potential benefits.

Here are some of the most common uses for disposable and temporary phone numbers.

Using a disposable mobile number for verification

The most common use for disposable numbers is for verification. Most people interact with multiple mobile apps and online platforms on a daily basis.

This has made it possible for phone numbers to become unique identifiers linking user data across several platforms.

Using a disposable mobile number for verification on online platforms and apps is one way to protect your data and prevent access to your primary phone number.

If you are getting a disposable number for this reason, opt for one that only functions for a few minutes, just long enough for you to receive a verification SMS and sign up to your chosen service.

Online dating

Online dating can be daunting and even frightening at times. The idea of giving personal details like your phone number to complete strangers on the Internet is enough to make anyone hesitate.

Not only can you get phone number for Tinder verification purposes, but there are also disposable phone number that last long enough for you to actually text your matches.

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This allows you to maintain boundaries while meeting people online. With a disposable number that you can dispose of at any time, you will be able to communicate with potential suitors at a pace that is comfortable to you.

This method of communication also allows you to cut ties with someone if and when it is necessary.


Posting ads online can leave your phone buzzing more than you’d like.

Rather than looking for something to buy, some people use classifieds sites like Craigslist to gather contact details for various marketing efforts.

Because of this, you run the risk of getting a lot of unsolicited spam calls when you use these sites to make sales.

When to Use a Disposable Phone Number

With a temporary number, you can shield your identity from a larger audience. This way you can simply use the number to make the sale, then dispose of it when you’re done.


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