Where to Buy Refurbished iPhone 6s – Buying Guide

Whatever pushes you to buy a new iPhone; you must consider buying refurbished models without breaking the bank. You may wonder what it means to have a refurbished iPhone. Are they used, broken, or new? These are the few questions that might confuse you in making the decision. Well, before we move forward, let’s break the difference between the two.

A used iPhone as the name suggests is the phone that has been in use by a person. Generally, the seller restored the software and cleans up the memory to resell in the market. You can probably find that some features may not work or a crack on the screen or foggy camera. 

However, in the case of a refurbished iPhone, you will get the model as a new iPhone. The experts and knowledgeable staff test all the internal and external features to make sure that it meets the standard for selling as a refurbished product. 

So what is the best place to buy refurbished iPhone 6s? Some of our best picks are as follows;

Apple Stores

Apple sells refurbished products on its websites. However, it doesn’t always have all the refurbished products since apple’s products are quickly sold out in the market. The products also change daily so it’s worth checking the site and find out the best deals available to you.

Moreover, apple’s refurbished iPhones are rechecked and tested by the experts of the company. The certified manufacturers assess the minor functionality or body issues in the models and then resell them at a low price with the same one-year warranty just like new iPhones.

Smartphone Companies

There are many reputable smartphone companies that sell new iPhones. Most of them also offer refurbished products such as laptops, consumer electronics, MacBooks, and Apple iPhones. Any of the iPhone models that are returned to the company for repairing or upgrades are sent back to the major phone companies to sell them at comparatively low costs as refurbished ones. So, if you are looking for refurbished iPhone 6s, you can visit these companies’ websites and find out your favorite iPhone 6s at affordable prices.


Gazelle is a US-based company that specializes in selling refurbished products including iPad, iPhones, Macbooks, and other renowned smartphone brands phones. All the products are tested and passed by a 30-point process test to ensure that they function and look as good as new. You can save up to 40% of the amount by purchasing a refurbished iPhone from Gazelle. 


Who in the world is unknown about Amazon? This is a leading e-commerce website from where you can get almost anything and now refurbished iPhones. Under its Renewed program, Amazon offers plenty of options to you to buy iPhone x, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s to name a few. The prices are considerably low and you can find the best deal here.

The iPhone 6s is still in hot demand and many people want to buy them. As Apple releases new and upgraded models every now and then, you can check out the above-mentioned places for refurbished iPhone 6s.


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