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If you run a furniture store or selling furniture online, buying and selling furniture or dealing anything in Furniture you should read this article.

We want to buy cheap and want to sell at high rates. right?

So, it is of prime importance we should know who is the big fish of that business. In India, if we talk about furniture business then there are so many selling furniture online or offline, but who is the best and who is selling furniture at wholesale rates, is the concern.


Wait, you have hear these name Amazon India, Pepperfry, Urban ladder, Woodenstreets, and other, as these brands are selling furniture. But there are not the manufacturers. They are just market place and can give your furniture at best price which is in actual their best price. It will not save you any money.

So, do you want to save money on buying Furniture online?

You should go and search for the actual vendor, yes that is right.

But how to reach them directly? This should your concern only if you can buy bulk furniture, otherwise above market places are enough for you.

Wholesale Furniture @The Home Dekor in India

Recently, we came across this new big fish in the Furniture business, they are the furniture manufacturer in Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan. And their best part is you can buy wholesale furniture from them for your new house, hotels, cafe and offices.

Of course that is too at factory price.

We did a little research about them, actual their showroom is also in Australia, that makes them a global brand. So, why don’t you try them when you are buying furniture for your new house?

The Home Dekor in Australia


We went further and found that THE HOME DEKOR has franchise option too, which will help small business owners.

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