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Your Netgear router’s placement matters a lot for best and uninterrupted WiFi signals. So, where you have placed your Netgear router? Did you kept in anywhere in your home? If so, then let us tell you that’s the biggest mistake you ever did. The WiFi signals travel so far, and the more doors, walls, windows or other materials it come into contact, the lessen the distance becomes. In the event that your internet speed and range appears to be sluggish in a few areas of your home, then it’s time to relocate your Netgear router.

Wondering about the best placement for your Netgear WiFi router? Wonder no more! This write-up solves your problem in no time. Here, you will get to know the best areas in your home for your Netgear router to get the most out of your WiFi signals. Let’s take the plunge!

Note: If you own a Netgear extender, then also it is important to choose a best spot for it. So, after Netgear extender setup, consider placing it on a higher shelf, near to your router, and at the center location of your home.

Let’s guide you choose the best location in your home for Netgear WiFi router.

Best Netgear Router Placement

Moving your Netgear router will make your WiFi connection more stable so that you can stream videos, play games, or shop online without any hassle. Below are some check points you must consider for the best Netgear router’s placement. Let’s dive in!

Avoid Placing Netgear Router near Kitchen

Netgear routers make use of radio signals. And there might be some large metal surface, appliances or gadgets in your kitchen that can disrupt the router’s WiFi signals. So, to make the most out of your router and its internet signals, choose a place for it in your home that is away from your kitchen and its appliances.

Place your Netgear Router Centrally

Netgear WiFi router transmits the internet signals in all directions. The more centrally you place your Netgear router, then better home WiFi coverage you get.

  • Placing your Netgear router near a window or door means that it is broadcasting WiFi signals inside as well as outside your house.
  • A center location in your home can be the best location for your Netgear router to acquire continuous WiFi signals.
  • On the off chance that you have placed your Netgear router inside a cabinet, under table or back of any device, then also your device’s WiFi signals can hamper. So, to get the most out of your router’s WiFi signals, place your WiFi router openly on a higher shelf.

In the event that you don’t place the device in a proper manner, chances are that you might face Netgear router login IP and login issues.

Adjust the Antennas

  • Most Netgear routers, especially the older ones come with adjustable antennas. It is advisable to tweak them for achieving best WiFi performance.
  • If you have placed your Netgear router on the upper floor to acquire best WiFi signals across two floors, then sideways would be the best router antenna placement.
  • And if you have placed your Netgear router on the ground floor, the upwards position is the best.
  • Opt for Omni Directional antenna.

Bonus Tip: Netgear Genie download can help you finding the best placement for your router.

In a Nutshell

So these were some check points to consider while locating your Netgear WiFi router in your home. In case, you need more assistance for your router-related issues, reach out to our technical experts via comments.

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