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If you have ever been to a rehabilitation centre, you would understand the recovery isn’t a straightforward process. The concept of drug rehab varies, depending on definitions, but it eventually boils down to getting rid of this common enemy.

The Facets of Recovery

The underlining explanation of recovery depends on the centre that is offering the rehabilitation services. However, every centre comes under a certain governing body which sets aside rules and regulations for the process. Therefore, if you are a drug user and look to reform, you or rather your family must look at the definition of recovery, pertaining to each one of the governing bodies, before taking a call. 

In the subsequent sections, we shall look at some of the definitions proposed by the leading governing bodies, in regard to drug abuse and subsequent recovery:


The ‘Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’ believes that recovery is a process of constant change where individuals take it upon themselves to improve the existing living standards and embrace a sense of wellness. This aspect targets a self-directed way of living which escalates towards an effort to reach complete physical and mental potential.

SAMHSA stresses the principles of recovery, more than anything else. The elements involved in the case of this definition include Health, Home, Purpose, and Community. According to SAMHSA, nothing feels more complete than a sense of recovery that takes all these aspects into account. According to this body, successful recovery aims at holistic development and not just refraining from alcohol and drugs.


According to MAT or ‘Medication-Based Treatment’, the concept of recovery is abstaining from the opioids which qualify as abuse. Unlike the process mentioned before, MAT believes in a medicated approach where the opioids are replaced by the buprenorphine and methadone. The combination of the mentioned, balancing opioid works by keeping the levels active in the bloodstream and allows the body to flush out the harmful ones like hydrocodone and Heroin. If you are in the best rehab centre in India, you might have to experience the SAMHSA and MAT recovery techniques, in unison.

Moreover, the MAT doesn’t lead to massive withdrawal syndromes as the effect starts receding, slowly. That said, ‘Medication-Based Treatment’ should never be the only approach towards recovery. While it is a good start, residential treatment should be combined with the soul and mind rehabilitation to have a complete effect. 

What do other Bodies Say?

The ‘American Society of Addiction Medicine’ states that the state of recovery is not just about drug abstinence but more about a good psychological and physical health condition. Therefore, if you are planning to get into rehab in Delhi, you must check out the clinics and centres that offer holistic options for recovery.


Recovery from drug abuse comes with several social stigmas. However, if you enrol at the best rehab centre in India, it would be easier to deal with the physical and even psychological demons, even post-rehab.

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