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Future of Bitcoin is going to be the Future of economy, when everyone will be using it for the transactions, why?

Reason no. 1

It is certainly the only transaction methods which is the fastest and the most trustworthy of all transaction methods in the world. And along with this bitcoin transaction is not under control of any individual authority so its value is not governed by a single person or institute.

Reason no. 2

Bitcoins are just in the forms of blockchains and can be mined using good amount of electricity and it takes longer time to solve these problems mathematically so bitcoin can’t be  devalued by any means. Even if government of any country wants to devalue it, it might be affected for a while but can’t make its an end.

There is going to be  many problems if this is not going to be controlled, as other currencies may lose their market values. In fact its already happening, that people have started investing in this digital currency insanely.

So, until now it is unpredictable that how much bitcoin future may cost in 2018 or in next 10 years, because one thing is sure that it is not Bubble, why?

It is because its value is not controlled by any one, it is just calculated by using maths, and electricity and the most important thing is the transactions that are involved using bitcoin takes less than seconds. So tell me, why wouldn’t any one use this method of transaction. And why wouldn’t anyone invest in this crypto-currency, in last month the bitcoin future value in USD has made records.

Just a month ago, Bitcoin was $500 or even less but today it has become more valuable, $10,000 and still rising in its value.

The Most affected countries by Bitcoin Future – Cryptocurrecny are-

  • China – It is the only country which can stop the use of bitcoin, if it wants but action should be made as early as possible because soon this cryptocurrency might of immense value and wouldn’t be stopped by any means.
  • America- It is the only country where Bitcoin is used legally and atms of bitcoins can be found here in United states of America.
  • India- Still not sure if the government of India is giving it a shot, because it is still not used legally in India.
  • other countries

What is a bitcoin?

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